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Ask HN: How should I structure my e-commerce site? – bignoggins

I am trying to structure my e-commerce site according to what I learned while reading about SaaS applications:1) Should I keep the main app and the shopping cart in different servers?
2) Should I host the site entirely on EC2?
3) Should the site use either a database (MySQL) or a NoSQL database?
4) Is there any good video tutorials that would show an example of how to structure a basic e-commerce site?
if you are not much experienced with databases, then I would use MySQL, it is
easy to work with, and you could always export your data and import it into
another db later on if you need to.

if your site is simple and you are not using heavy products, then I would
host it entirely on EC2.

I am using the latest version of google app engine, which uses Python and
Python database connector. I assume SQLite is supported by it as well. So it
is the most appropriate choice.

sqlite is a good option as well, MySQL may not be available for your ec2

but I would say MySQL is a bit overkill if you are not using much content on
your site.

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// Copyright Aleksey Gurtovoy 2000-2004
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
// (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
// See for documentation.

// $Id$
// $Date$
// $Revision$



template struct size_t;


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// WebformCore+Private.swift
// WebformCore
// Created by Andrew Wooster on 6/26/15.
// Copyright (c) 2015 Random Flow. All rights reserved.

import Foundation
import SwiftyJSON

// Core
extension WebformCore {
// MARK: Private Methods

func webformCore() -> WebformCore {
return WebformCore(context: context)

func webformCore(url: URL) -> WebformCore {
return WebformCore(context: context, url: url)

func formCore() -> FormCore {
return FormCore(context: context)

func formCore(name: String, description: String, action: String, onDone: (() -> Void)?, onFail: (() -> Void)?, onUserDelete: (() -> Void)?, onUserCreate: (() -> Void)?) -> FormCore {
return FormCore(context: context, name: name, description: description, action: action, onDone: onDone, onFail: onFail, onUserDelete: onUserDelete, onUserCreate: onUserCreate)

func formCore(presenter: WebformPresenter) -> FormCore {
return FormCore(context: context, presenter: presenter)

func formCore(page: String, type: String) -> FormCore {
return FormCore(context: context, page: page, type: type)