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Technically the first time that ‘Secret’ is entered into a calculator, it does generate a random number, but if the same number is input into it another time, it does not produce the same number as the first time.
Can someone shed light on why that happens?


When you reset the internal state of the random number generator to a new value, you are actually “stepping on” the initial state that it was set to.
Try setting a starting point for the internal RNG by setting the seed of RNG.
You can set the seed like this:

C:\>Set-RandomSeed some-seed-number-here

It can also be set programmatically like this:

C:\>Invoke-WebRequest -URI -OutFile “C:\Users\me\Desktop\random.dat”

Then use the programmatically generated random number to seed your RNG:

C:\>$rng = new-object System.Random

In the future, using Windows RNG for random results in undesirable behaviour. Use some other RNG instead.

This link has more details on Windows RNGs:


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