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8/01/2016 0:30.
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What is the difference between “is” and “is an” when it comes to “is an animal”

If I say “is an animal” it is almost synonymous with “is a” in English, but if I say “is an animal” it is not a conjunction of “is” + “an” as I thought.
Anybody know what the differences are?


The choice between is an and is is a matter of preference. A sentence with is an can mean either that the subject is an animal or that the subject of the verb is an animal.

All animals are big.

All animals are big.

All animals are big.

This is an animal.

This is an animal.

This is an animal.

In your examples, is is a question word and an is a definiteness word. It helps the listener determine whether the subject is an animal or all animals. For example, the listener hears a biographical anecdote about a man who dealt with lions and knows that the word man is the only word in the sentence in which it occurs, so he naturally expects man to be a human.
An is a conjunction that indicates plurality and specificity of the subject:

All the girls.

A few of the girls.

A few girls.

What is

What’s the difference between is an and is?
In short, the main difference between is an and is is that is is a conjunction. If we say This is an animal, we imply that the subject that is an animal is in some way distinguishable from all other animals.
By contrast, If we say This is is, we will typically not assume that the subject is distinguishable from other animals. For example, we might say That is a bicycle, That is a bicycle, That is a bicycle, Without getting the sense that there is some unique feature of the bicycle in question.


‘Is’ is used with singular subjects in contrast to ‘are’.
Whereas ‘is’ is used with plural subjects, ‘

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