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7. Conclusions {#sec7-materials-12-03031}

The introduction of new materials, technology, and application has changed the way the cutting process is performed. These advancements have favored the use of laser-based techniques, which has resulted in a vast reduction in the levels of human exposure. The application of LiDAR and other laser-based techniques in the field of stone crushing is very promising. However, improvements and further developments in these technologies are necessary to completely fulfill the full potential of laser-based cutting.

The authors would like to thank Stefano Mainini for his assistance in image acquisition.

Conceptualization, R.S. and M.D.; writing—review and editing, R.S., M.D., and G.S.; supervision, G.S.

This research was funded by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research, grant n. PRIN_2017A43E4W_01.

The authors declare no conflict of interest.

![Manufacturing process of natural stone. Abbreviations: AC = aggregates, AS = asphalt, BR = bitumen, BF = basis, BS = base soil, C = cement, CT = coarse texture, DM = damage mitigation, EA = engineered aggregates, EC = engineered cement, EM = engineered asphalt, FB = fibers, HE = homogenized, H-C = hybrid cement, I = inclusions, MR = mineral reinforcement, MT = material reinforcement, P = paving, PS = pressure-sensitive, R = residues, SC = self-compacting, ST = steel textured, SW = sand-stone, TC = thermoplastic, TO = top

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Download The Chronicles Of Narnia By C.S. Lewis In Any Language. If you are looking for a book that you know is great, and you also want to read it in.
Download The Chronicles Of Narnia By C.S. Lewis In Any Language. If you are looking for a book that you know is great, and you also want to read it in. .

The great menace of the working class is not the capitalists and their hired agents. It is its own class consciousness and political organization, which it is constantly making concessions to, losing battles because it does not organize. The class struggle is lost when the workers are no longer sure that they will beat the bosses and their hired agents.

The reason why the Italian Communist Party is a class party is because it was founded by the working class itself. It is a vanguard of the struggle of the working class against the exploiters and the owners of the means of production. It is a political party of the workers because the workers themselves are the principal agents of communist revolution.

Communism is the science of the class struggle. The proletariat is the revolutionary class. The Communist Party is a political party of the proletariat. It is the army and vanguard of the revolution.

As the communists see it, this revolution cannot be brought about without a full-scale political battle against the capitalist class. The capitalist class is so strong, so firmly entrenched in all sections of society, and so clever at dividing and conquering that it is necessary to have a vanguard of the working class which can take on the capitalist class and win. The capitalist class will not willingly give up its privileges without a fight. The capitalists and the political leaders who work for them use all the forces at their command to stop revolutionary change. The fascist parties are backed

Kata kunci :
. Growing up with a mentally unstable, unapologetic father and an exacting mother, . I am not by nature an introvert, . I was taught from a young age not to cry, and this is how I tried to overcome it.Balikpapan salmon

Kutik Bakal (literally “backpack salmon”) is the name for the local name for hybrid river (outlined in blue) and sea salmon, stock caught in the Balikpapan basin for its local foods and crafts demand.

Because it was difficult to get fish from other parts of Indonesia, the rivers in the basin were planned to be drained, in order to supply Balikpapan’s highly demanded fish. The drainage project was started in 1958.

On July 5, 1976, the watershed of the Balikpapan basin was renamed to Kutik Bakal, despite local objections. It was turned into an industrial area that runs from the Balikpapan port to the mountains of Tobing. Since then, the economy of the Kutik Bakal became dependent on the production of fertilizers.

As the environmental problems and pollution spread, Kutik Bakal became an ecological area. Due to the drainage, the quality of fish, shellfish and water in Kutik Bakal degraded rapidly. This problem became so acute that, in 2009, the Balikpapan government asked the Indonesian government to reconstruct the river.

Endemic species

There are several endemic species of fish in the Kutik Bakal watershed. These include the tilapia (Poropuntius sennaricolatus), serrano, surat, kerang, and kalakang.


In Kutik Bakal, there is a fish market for all part of fish. There are many restaurants and fish suppliers that sell fish, some using the Kutik Bakal’s water. Fish are also sold in other Balikpapan’s municipal market. Other local industries are producing fertilizers, charcoal, and lemongrass (Indonesian: daun peras or daun jangkung).

In 1999, a pilot project was conducted to cultivate aquaculture fish. This was accomplished by the Balikpapan Fisheries and Fisheries Research Center (, or PKBII). Since then, this project has been supported by the Regional Environment Administration and the Provincial Fisheries and Marine Affairs Office (, or PAFF