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Last summer, six white men were arrested by the Occupy Wall Street group for assaulting a black man and filming him. They were charged with first-degree robbery and the lesser crimes of second-degree assault, harassment, and falsely reporting an incident. Three of the men were released without bail. The other three have been awaiting trial for almost a year.

Since then, the men have been dismissed of the charges against them and have been set free. What no one can agree on is exactly why. The men’s attorney and the District Attorney are arguing it was the black man’s fault for his actions and the only reason the assault charges were dropped was due to what the District Attorney referred to as a “lesser sentence.” The black man did not wait for police assistance before tackling the six white men who were filming him and attempting to run him over. However, the group of white men arguing their innocence and proclaiming their innocence at a press conference just a few days after the incident claimed that the black man was the aggressor and that is why he was arrested for the assault charges.

That claim is absurd, especially considering the videotape of the incident. The black man was, for a long time, surrounded by white men, who were saying things like, “it’s true, it’s true, all of you are going to jail.” The same video that shows him surrounded by the men is the same video that shows him attack them. The group of men who were filming — who recorded the video — attack the black man. So which is it? Was he or was he not the aggressor? If he was not the aggressor, why were the charges dropped? If he was the aggressor, why didn’t the men who were filming take the man into police custody? The answer to these questions was not explained during the press conference and in the press since.

However, a smaller group of white men were at the OWS press conference, taking questions from the press

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