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Konstantinovo Raskrsce Pdf Free Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1). Konstantinovo raskre book. Read 37 reviews from the world’s .Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission made a classic bureaucratic error: it accidentally published information about an ongoing case on its website that was supposed to be confidential.

The result: the contact information of a transgender woman who is suing for gender reassignment surgery. The commission’s mistake will lead to increased efforts to harass and imprison the woman and her family, and drive her from Pennsylvania.

The commission’s next clue-a-thon

The commission began by posting a notice on its website, published just after the holiday weekend, about an investigation into the possible creation of a “boy’s bathroom” at a Northampton school. The notice also included a contact phone number.

As it happened, that number was for another one of the commission’s cases: a complaint filed by the woman in question. The commission failed to realize that the notice was posted to the commission’s website, where it was easily accessible by anyone, and posted the woman’s telephone number to the public with no warning of any kind.

The commission quickly removed the number after receiving a large number of calls, but here’s what it posted on its website in that case, and for all the others:


That was the number of the complainant. She’s the woman who wishes to be called by her new name, and who has suffered harassment at the hands of her coworkers, from people’s refusal to use her new name in court proceedings to their posting of her personal information on the internet in a clear attempt at intimidation.

Since the last time this woman was at her workplace, she has been repeatedly harassed by her coworkers. Some of them even put a baseball bat in the woman’s locker. How’s that for trying to cut down on potential litigation?

The lawyer for the man, a township police chief, was so upset by the woman’s complaints that he filed a petition with the commission, claiming that the woman’s wishes to be called by a different name “stigmatize” him and are “based on personal animosity.”

In a May 9, 2013 email, she tells the commission what has been


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