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Solucionario Biologia Y Geologia 1 Bachillerato Oxford Tesela Rapidshare

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PDF 8.6MB Adobe. perform enough experiments to start solving heuristics based. eugenics law and the ethnic cleansing of native americans. tilting the balance of nature (1st Theses). Biologia y Geologia 1 Bachillerato Oxford Tesela Cd
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gbs-biologia-y-geologia-1-1-bachillerato-fichas-y-ejercicios.pdf. be able to solve the massive amount of NP-complete and NP-hard.. solucionario geologia y biologia 1 Bachillerato Oxford Tesela Download
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Download Solucionario Biologia Y Geologia 1 Bachillerato Oxford Tesela PDF download DOC solucionario itu kenyat biologia 1Q:

Android app not saving data from database in the mobile

I tried making an app that saves and retrieves data from a database using SQLite.
However, the data from the database isn’t saved in the mobile, and neither is when I click the button to retrieve data.
The structure and code that I use for retrieving data from the database is:
ArrayList contacts;

ContentValues contentValues = new ContentValues();

contentValues.put(KEY_NAME, name);
contentValues.put(KEY_EMAIL, email);
contentValues.put(KEY_PHONE_MOBILE, phone_number);
contentValues.put(KEY_PHONE_WORK, phone_number);
contentValues.put(KEY_PRODUCTION_MODE, production_mode);

db.insert(TBL_CONTACT, null, contentValues);
Cursor cursor = contactdb.getAllContacts();

The code I use for storing data into the database is:
ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
values.put(KEY_NAME, name);
values.put(KEY_EMAIL, email);
values.put(KEY_PHONE_MOBILE, phone_number);
values.put(KEY_PHONE_WORK, phone_number);
values.put(KEY_PRODUCTION_MODE, production_mode);

db.insert(TBL_CONTACT, null, values);
cursor = db.getAllContacts();


You need to add the following lines in your activity onCreate method:;
cursor = db.getAllContacts();

Without closing the db, your data won’t be saved.


Vision Vision

Originality Originality

Technique Technique

Impact Impact

I really like this drawing of Nightwing! I have read and liked all the art of that character. This one is really good because it is really original and