the Last Post is actually not yorlogic: when redirecting it actually brings user to the main page of chkmate, aka
so that a malicious site can look like to “Russian Yandex” users only
huh… well that’s something.
yes, exactly
robatakarim: Yep, thank you for the link. The only downside is that it looks like the 12.10 isnt supported yet, would have to update to 13.04 first
Axlin: Ahh, I know lol. It’s the video I’m having trouble with.
youknowme: it is supported
I see it. Before I did, the video said “Yandex Broadcasting Center.”
Axlin: Yeah, the video probably didn’t take me seriously enough. It was like, “you’re looking at, no you aren’t. Go do other cool things”
robatakarim: Cool, thanks
youknowme: no problem
youknowme: I have great response on forums and IRC when I mention my fanless laptop
youknowme: I’m not sure if it is the first time I posted here, but if you can do that then even better, you have already helped out a lot!
robatakarim: Sweet, thanks for that.
tsimonq2: You can still get DVDs with Ubuntu and where can you watch a DVD on the Mac?
youknowme: np
iMGSRC: did you read my past message?
robatakarim: Is that fanless laptop yours?
youknowme: no, friend has it
iMGSRC: I take it you are no longer speaking to me
doublelist tulsa oklahoma

This exclusive video from TheStreet offers an in-depth look at the high costs some people have to pay for casual sex. Over 50,000 U.S. residents are now infected with HIV and 100,000 new infections occur each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
A Harvard study found that the single most effective way to avoid a sexually transmitted disease is to have sex only once a week and only with people you know, such as your partner or long-term partner.
According to a study that examined hookup culture, women engage in casual sex at higher rates than men, have more partners and more unprotected sex, and are more likely to think about long-term partners when they are with a short-term partner. “Women have much more power to negotiate condom use, so they are more vulnerable to STDs that they contract from their partners,” the study says.
Studies have found that, with an average of 20 to 30 casual hookups a year, people who have sex casually are more likely to get pregnant than those who have stable relationships. The CDC reports that there are three HIV infections per 1,000 women who engage in casual sex, compared to five HIV infections per 100 men.
In a study of Swedish teens, who reported sex before the age of 18, 63% of the boys and 56% of the girls reported that they had one sexual partner before the age of 18. They also had the highest rate of STDs at 29%, compared to 15% for teens who reported sex within a steady dating relationship.
“Modern society has created an environment where people feel that they have the right to have casual sex with anyone they desire,” says Dr. Gary Slutkin, founder of the Chicago Department of Health Sexually Transmitted Disease and Research Laboratory. “But you’re never quite safe.”
STDs like herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV may seem like distant, abstract issues, but they are all incredibly common in our high-risk hookup culture. Out of date sex ed curricula may not have included these in the past, but that’s all been changed. “Now students are not only taught about what they can give away, but what they can ask for as well,” according to K. Thompson, director of the Guttmacher Institute, which conducts research on sexual and reproductive health.
STDs are the fourth leading cause of death in America. “Over 75% of the adult population gets a sexually transmitted disease at some