A life-changing sim game with realistic character personalities, sharing a deep social experience.
Development Team:
Camille Abigail Gagnon – Programmer
Zénaïde Gagnon – Art director
Sylvie Charette – Lead Animator
Jacky Charette – Lead Animator
Julie Jalbert – Lead Animator
Julie Desforges – Lead Animator
Desiree Bisson – Lead Animator
Annie Chalmin – Lead Animator
Patrice Leblanc – Lead Animator
Sophie Geleux – Lead Animator
Sébastien Voisin – Lead Animator
Olivier Brûlé – Lead Animator
Andréa Ménard – Lead Animator
Théophile Evain – Lead Animator
Amelia Kégan – Lead Animator
Andréa Gagnon – Lead Animator
Tristan Garneau – Lead Animator
Émilie Caniche – Lead Animator
Jean-François Cloutier – Lead Animator
Stéphanie Saint-Vincent – Lead Animator
Nathalie Lapointe – Lead Animator
Benoit Bouleau – Lead Animator
Gérald Normandin – Lead Animator
Jean-François Duclos – Lead Animator
Hugues Desprairies – Lead Animator
Hélène Dagenais – Lead Animator
François Marceau – Lead Animator
Mathilde Saint-Germain – Lead Animator
Julia Allibert – Lead Animator
Catherine Desrochers – Lead Animator
Tristan Labrosse – Lead Animator
Andréa Gagnon – Lead Animator
Lorenzo Cubas – Lead Animator
Athanase Gratton – Lead Animator
Myrtille Desrochers – Lead Animator
Théodore Desrochers – Lead Animator
Thomas Proulx – Lead Animator
Léandre Saint-Germain – Lead Animator
Julie Jérôme – Lead Animator
Mélissa Guay – Lead Animator
Patricia Sallenave – Lead Animator
Tomas Proulx – Lead Animator
Théo Soutif – Lead Animator
Sylvie Charette – Lead Animator
Annie Chalmin – Lead Animator


Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe Features Key:

  • Extend your wardrobe!!!!
  • Dress up your character!!!!
  • Challenge your characters!!!!
  • Achieve a higher rank


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Expand your closet with over 400 outfits for our Heroines! Please continue playing our game Anime Artist 3 to unlock new dress outfits.
About The Game Anime Artist 3 – Expansion:
There are a lot of outfits for you to dress up in this expanded version of Anime Artist 3. Try different clothing combinations for the heroes you’ve collected.
Please continue playing Anime Artist 3 in order to unlock new outfits.

Approximately 70 new poses to try out!
We’ve created not one, but two new stages!

Approximately 80 new outfits!
You’ll be able to purchase these outfits with the coins you get in the game!

The game was bought Thank You for the hours of playing.
We hope you like your new outfits!

Over 600 new poses to try out!
You can use the buttons for moving in these poses.

The game was bought Thank You for playing.
You can buy in-game items with coins you can earn in the game.


Anime Artist 3: Expanded Wardrobe now has more than 300 unique outfits for our heroines!
Character creation has become even more fun and exciting, now you can even personalize their looks with new hairstyles!
There are 30 different hairstyles to try out!
Thank you for playing Anime Artist 3!
Use a great deal of strategy in our match-3 puzzle game to match colored gems to get a high score.
The gameplay in Anime Artist 3 is similar to the game Kizuna Arrow 2: Shaddoll Showdown.
Solve the strategic challenges to get more options to increase your score.
The beautifully drawn and animated characters in our game make the game a fun and easy to play experience!

Key Features

600 new poses to try out!
There are more than 600 new poses added, and all the poses you can try can be fully rotated 360 degrees!

More outfits for our heroines!
There are over 300 unique outfits included in this version of the game.

30 different hairstyles!
There are over 30 new hairstyles added to this version of the game.

3 new stages!
We’ve added new stages to the game, which makes the gameplay more exciting.

If you are loving our game, please feel free to share it with your friends!
Thank you for playing!

Table of Content

Features & System

● 600 New Poses!
All of the


Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe

Storyline Appearance Creator 3 – Extended Wardrobe:

Japanese Developer Role Direct – Creative Design

English Role Creative Director, Senior Creative Designer

Anime Song Credits

Japanese Company

A-1 Pictures



Studio Deen

Production I.G.

Nippon Animation

Studio Ghibli


A-1 Pictures

Nippon Television Network Corporation


This is a small collection of short videos from a level that I created during my early design process of the project.At the time, I didn’t have much of a concept for the story or how to explain it in the story documents. Since I was only designing a visual novel, I wanted to make something fun to make people smile during this process.I’m also not really fond of making videos, so I took a new approach to how I was going to shoot the videos. I used a game of a similar genre and tried to make this part of the experience.The videos are taken from a prototype released back in the early 2010’s before I went on to work on Hanako to Ame, Kirakira ☆ Precure and Ever17.In the latest of these prototype videos, we can see Miki, the character and protagonist of the game, having fun and interacting with everyone else in the game.I had the idea to make this mini-series of videos of this character’s friends because the player could influence who was a part of the story and therefore who was featured in the final game.So in the third video, we can see Aki, another protagonist of this game, who has a tendency to be over-dramatic and wants to be featured in the final game.However, unlike Aki, Miki isn’t concerned with playing a role in the story and instead finds herself a love interest to an “evil” character of the game and it’s up to the player to get her out of this situation.The source that I’m using is an Adobe Creative Suite 6.0 trial version (I don’t think there was any trial version at the time) with a bit of screen recording software called Helium.I also use Photoshop to fix any issues that I come across during editing and also for post-production work.When I started working on this project, it was a digital painting project so I wasn’t familiar with any software. I


What’s new in Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe:

    Interview Pt 1

    I had the pleasure of chatting today with Natsu Komatsuzaki (he/him) about his role as a character artist on Sword Art Online. Natsu has done a few stand alones and a handful of shows these days, but he’s still very new to me. Happily, he’s always very nice and I’ve gotten to learn a few things through our chat.

    During our chat, I had him draw a portrait of me and here’s a link to the picture I’ve got.

    Anime Blogger: Before we get started, a picture that I took for you from my phone. Nothing special.

    Natsu Komatsuzaki: He-hee, that’s alright, go ahead!

    AB: (laughs) You don’t have to draw a portrait if you don’t want to.

    NK: It’s alright, I like it already.

    AB: Oh, thanks!

    NK: He-hee. (laughs)

    AB: So, you were an artist before becoming a character designer for The Irregular at Magic High School?

    NK: Actually, yeah. My first crayon drawing was a Pikachu when I was a kid in elementary school. (laughs) It’s still there somewhere. I was always drawing since I was young. I was pretty serious about it. In high school, I was a member of the school’s painting club. I was very interested in Western style art, I think that’s because I went to an art academy in high school. I originally wanted to do that but I dropped out of that course right after graduation.

    AB: Wow.

    NK: And then I was a freelancer that did illustrations for manga since I was in college. That was back in 2002 or 2003. I’ve been freelancing ever since.

    AB: So, your first professional experience in art was when you were in college?

    NK: Yeah, it was the first time I came to realize I wanted to become a professional artist. It made me realize I loved drawing and to me it’s a career that I can only do as a hobby.

    AB: Really?

    NK: It was right at the time of starting college, too. I didn’t want to draw manga at the time, but those feelings changed when I came here.


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    How To Install and Crack Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe:

  • install Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe
  • locate ccc.cfg and jpg.cfg files and modify them
  • @finish


install Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe

  1. please verify that all pre-requisites are installed successfully
  2. please exit any game client application running before running setup.exe file, it might auto-close program
  3. double click the setup.exe to install Game Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe
  4. when the installation is finished, please restart the game client

locate ccc.cfg and jpg.cfg files and modify them

  1. please verify that all these files are in your game folder
  2. these two files are located in %game folder%/ttt/
  3. modify the contents:
  4. enable skins below
  5. replace “enable skins below” with “enable skin #01” and “skin #01” with “skin name, actionbar”
  6. then, rename this file as "ccc.cfg", please not %game folder%/ttt/ccc.cfg or %game folder%/ttt/
  7. for %game folder%\ttt and add your character on this list
  8. last but not least, replace back to your image (jpg/bmp/png) with your skin by drag and drop


  1. close game client application firstly
  2. then, go to the "GameGlobal.ini&quot



    System Requirements For Anime Artist 3 – Extended Wardrobe:

    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: Intel i5-2510M/AMD Phenom II X4 965
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770, ATI Radeon HD 7850, Intel HD Graphics 3000
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 12 GB available space
    Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    Additional Notes: (FPS, Low, Medium, High)