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Embark on an exciting journey to discover the mysterious origins of the empire, the brutality of their slave trade and the almost unbelievable wealth of their colonizers. Fight for your freedom as you discover the world of Brazilian society at its worst and best, knowing the time is running out for our native inhabitants.

Inspired by the Legends of the East – the epic saga of Timur and his successors that include Genghis Khan and Tamerlane, this game will allow you to discover the early history of Brazil.


Will you dare to become a slave trader? You’ll get the opportunity to do that thanks to the exciting scenarios offered by Legendary Colonist, while you’ll also be able to find out much about the early history of Brazil through the various biographies.

When compared to other similar games, it can be said that it will offer a new dimension to Brazilian history. You’ll not only be able to learn about the most famous and influential residents of Brazil, but also about many others who may have passed into history.


Legendary Colonist:

Will you choose to be a slave trader?

Will you choose to be a slave trader? Learn more about the origins of the empire and the cruelty of their slave trade.

Fight for your freedom and help the natives of Brazil to preserve their freedom by obtaining their own army.

While in the ancient times, slavery was widespread, the Europeans started enslaving the native inhabitants of Africa and the Americas. They conquered their territories by using violence and threats. They imposed taxes on their new slaves. They created laws and superstitions against them.

At the end of the 18th century, the Portuguese Government decided to transform into a colony some of its territories.

After losing many lives in the war, the native inhabitants of Africa and the Americas were kidnapped, brutally transported to Brazil and sold to slaves. Although the number of slaves increased, in comparison to other colonies, the lack of colonial production caused a crisis. Many adventurers, looking to make a fortune, started a slave trade in the Amazon. Some of them sold their captives to other slave traders, while others would sell them to plantation owners in exchange of spices or cotton.

Gemma, a Portuguese noblewoman, together with the captain Luís de Castro e Moura (the Portuguese name “de Castro” and the spelling “Moura” are spelt interchange


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