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– Story-rich narrative that explores the meaning of friendship, family loss, and self-reflection
– Visit various locations such as cafes, anime clubs, and other places
– Point-and-Click adventure where you can explore various areas of interest, each with day/night variations
– Stat system that heavily influences the story’s outcome and form bonds with other characters
– Diary-style interface to capture the feeling of recording your life’s stories
– Partial voice-acting

This item includes one copy of the game with an accompanying digital download code for Steam

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Meet the Author

I’m Tomoyasu Sano
aka ❤-love_sanoy○-
I’ve been a game developer since 2013. As a main focus is story-driven games, I’ve developed a variety of genres such as sims, love games, and dating sims.
As a maker of making games, I want to create a world that can make players happier. I hope you’ll join me to play with me.
Thank you for reading!


Turning Over a New Leaf

Dear Mom: My Letter to You is a dating sim that mixes a story-rich narrative with a calendar system, where you can choose your own adventure and develop relationships with other characters. The choices you make and the stats you gain heavily influence the game’s story and progression.

You are Hiroto Hayami. A thirty-something man, you’ve been hiding your heart from the world and yourself for a decade.


You’re a man who’s terrified of putting himself out there. You’ve been attempting to date other women for years, but each time you approach them, they give you the cold shoulder. You’re longing for a change in yourself, but you don’t know where to begin.

Do you have what it takes to turn over a new leaf?


Aya is a spirited girl who’s attempting to overcome her grief following a tragic incident involving her mother. When she embarks on a new year, she embarks on an emotional journey


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  • New campaign mode with fixed missions
  • More elite gear
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  • New technologies
  • New faction prestige
  • 500 new icons of unit and upgrade
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    About the Store

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    I went to e-sports in China and saw the Chinese gaming market is not so large, yet, that’s why I’m a fighter, I don’t want to be just a NPC, and I want to be the “boss”.
    So I spent 4 years on this game, it’s just 4 years, the whole process was full of passion, I hope you can feel the environment, the super skill, it’s not a game with beutiful music, nor the beautiful scene,
    more than that, there’s not a single music,
    but this is definitely a game with sincerity,
    it’s a world full of a variety of environment, mountains, everywhere, you can climb them, must pay attention to the water’s depth, otherwise, you will be drowned
    there are so many power to choose from, you can kill a passerby or NPC, but it’s better not to be seen, otherwise it would be very troublesome
    the gameplay is highly open, you can bring up the combos, with spirit skills, with craft,with explosive
    about the different weapons, multi-different skills, all kinds of buff, the instant combat system lets you play more smoothly
    there are over 30 different skills in the system, you can learn the power outside or heart, you can use spirit keys and knifes, and grenades.
    You can improve skills through our own buff, or call in different buff, your path will affect the story later, and there will be different events, and the different achievement event will affect your score
    the great story, You can take more beautiful women in, like different choice will trigger different story, there will be different event, there will be different achievements
    the variety, you can tell that there are different things from the story,
    you can say it will affect different events and achievements later, the achievements and events in the different status will change
    the ending of the different end.
    The Features of The Game



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    My Retail Store is a new game mode introduced in this DLC pack. Players will shop their items at the in-game shop, then return to the server and choose one of the items to receive.
    After unlocking the character, players can purchase items at the Virtual Store.
    Players can earn several kinds of items by buying from the Virtual Store, so they will be able to receive much more than the character model as a reward.
    【About My Retail Store】
    My Retail Store Gameplay:
    VN: Playable Characters ‘Rinka Kagurazaka’ and ‘Ranka Kagurazaka’GBA: Playable Characters ‘Rinka Kagurazaka’ and ‘Ranka Kagurazaka’XBOX ONE: Playable Characters ‘Rinka Kagurazaka’ and ‘Ranka Kagurazaka’WIIU: Playable Characters ‘Rinka Kagurazaka’ and ‘Ranka Kagurazaka’
    【Playable Characters ‘Rinka Kagurazaka’ and ‘Ranka Kagurazaka’】
    【購入者のみ、後日公開】Playable Characters ‘Rinka Kagurazaka’ and ‘Ranka Kagurazaka’
    This is the Playable Characters of the same name by S-Ex.
    Both characters are based on a different illustration of Masami Kurumada, the original creator of the series, and they are two designs of


    What’s new in My Retail Store:

    Sunday, November 29, 2015

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    Written by Jeff Lemire with Artists who
    also contributed to this series are: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Nicola
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    “The Reverend is a loner; a child of the
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    This release is a multi-chapter so the
    back cover will take us through this issue on this story arc it’s main
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    System Requirements For My Retail Store:

    First, we need to know what version of Windows you are running. I have noticed that on some older machines like the Dimension 2400, trying to install the 64 bit version will fail. That is unfortunate, and I apologize for the inconvenience, but without this information, we cannot properly build the installer and installers cannot be built.
    If you have a 32-bit Windows OS running, you can either download the x86 version, or you can download the x64 version, and run it in the 64 bit compatibility mode. This will also allow you to install in 32-


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