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Name Starfighter: Infinity
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Starfighter: Infinity Crack Free Download is a space based MMORPG with a focus on ‘dogfighting’ style action and exploration.
Features a huge array of imaginitive weapons and ship upgrades and more being added all the time. A large selection of ships that you can unlock as you progress through the game.
Create your own organisations, that have an effect on the in game world by branding stations, and ai ships and choosing weapon loadouts for AI ships. Declare war on other organisations
Just keep to yourself and pursue your own goals
Craft unique weapons and upgrades by finding their blueprints
Encounter other alien races and loot their unique weaponsCraft, Loot Discover
84 playable ships (so far) with different stats and play styles unlocked as you progress.
1447 different items (so far) that you can buy, craft or loot. With a large variety of imagination – not just different numbers, weapons act differently have different effects. See the official website for a list
Hunt down and mine precious minerals that can then be crafted into weapons/itemsFightRealtime multiplayer PvP and PvE – keyboard or joypad based action involving skill. Action is skill based dogfighting style, with no fixed tactics: use a fast ship and evade, or a slower ship with tactical aids, and lots of shields. How you combine weapons and tactics is up to you.
Designed so that pretty much any ship in game is a threat – you are not ‘the chosen one’, you have no special advantage over any other ship except your own cunning and skill.
Neutral zones, warzones, free for all zones, duels and also jammers, interfering nebula dust all allow for different types of combat and tactics, or no combat at all.
Encounter several other alien races in the game with their own ships and lootable weapons/itemsExplore21 explorable star systems with between sectors each, with lots of things to discover
Loads of planets to find (100 so far) with their own back stories
Ancient Relics drifting in space – not all are just dormant
Explore inside space stations, chat to other players while turrets protect you from incoming enemies.Organise
Team up with other players to form your own organisation and compete with others
Organisation run stations: Affect the star system around you – Nearby AI ships will be coloured and branded to your organisation and will have weapons specified by you. Therefore the galaxy is very much influenced by the people playing it.
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Features Key:

  • Epic space combat and spaceship combat action
  • Versatile ship designs with upgrade options and upgrade trees
  • Classic campaign/open world action game starring the Adventuress and her friends
  • Much more than just a game! Over 150 handmade miniatures, a full music soundtrack, a manual with inspiration and ideas and webpages with tips, DIY-information, aviation and spaceship components, articles on space travel and interstellar stories
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    Starfighter: Infinity Crack + Download

    How to play:-
    Keyboard: Map Keyboard to window – You can use the mouse, but it’s not needed. Press E to highlight your ship, then F1/F2/F3 to move to your ship. (You can also grab your keyboard’s left or right mouse buttons and drag to your ship). Press space to fire your weapons, then use your mouse wheel to change your weapons (any will do, it doesn’t matter). Hold F and you’ll want to use your turret while you’re the pilot. You can also use your mouse to open your payload (a ship with an item in it, like the missile launcher). You can also press the right mouse button to drop your payload (again, it doesn’t matter which one) if you’re behind your ship.
    JOYSTICK OR GAMEPAD: If you want to use your gamepad, you’ll need to enable your gamepad in the virtual device settings. If you are having trouble, try usein Windows Media Center.
    If you are having problems: there is help available if you have any problems with the game (like instructions on how to enable your virtual device) – click the red button in the top left – it will be green or white depending if it’s fully up to date or not.
    On Windows:
    if you’re not in the game, the game should be running in the background. If you go to the start menu (press start and bring up the search thing) and type Uplay then it should launch the Uplay dashboard. If the dashboard isn’t there, then try restarting and see if it works.
    Cheats (if applicable):
    Go to the Virtual Devices section of the audio and video settings, and tick the check box next to the gamepad in the USB devices list. This will stop the game from using the mouse to control the game. Press WIN to access the main menu and you should be able to cheat with a gamepad.
    To enable the gamepad, press the checkbox next to the gamepad. The gamepad will now be used as the main control method rather than the mouse.
    Online high scores: If you want to see what other players are doing (and you play multiplayer) then you can do so through the UPlay dashboard.
    Online flagging:
    This feature isn’t useful unless you have a group of friends who play together. To do this, go to the multiplayer tab in the UPlay dashboard, and create a new Multiplayer game


    Starfighter: Infinity Crack + PC/Windows

    The other day, I think it was the same day, I played Starfighter, which is one of the first online space shooter games. How far did I get into it? The game is notorious for its difficulty, so the further you go, the more difficult it gets. I played for an hour or so and was overwhelmed with the numerous achievements. First of all, there are two types of achievements. The first are ‘Gathering’ achievements, you can earn up to 25 of these by killing enemies, by destroying blueprints or by completing any number of missions. The second type are ‘Obstacles’ achievements. A lot of these are rather involved, with the longest one being completing the Exploding Starship, a level where you must blow up or fire on all three capital ships and survive as long as possible. I got five of them completed within the hour or so that I played. The first time you complete one of these, you gain 200 Laud, which are needed to level up. You then get the achievement and the +150 level experience. You can earn as many Lauds as you like, by doing them at different times of the day, and so you can spread the achievement over the day, and it counts towards the next day’s achievements.

    Gathering achievements. I found them really hard to earn. I found all of them to be harder than most of the ‘challenges’ that most online FPS have. The easiest were the scanning achievements, which you can get in less than ten minutes, if you scan a station every now and again. You can get up to 7 of these in a single play.

    But getting to that stage was quite difficult. You have to be very patient with Starfighter and you need to learn the skills needed to be successful. And then you need to be ready for the chaos. Especially the more difficult levels, the most difficult of all being the Legendary Collector Ship. The easiest of the Obstacle achievements was the Pit Boss, which you get after you have shot down all three Capital Ships and survive them. The next most difficult was the Foundry. This is where you can find the blueprints for all the ships in the game and their weapons. These can be bought for very little and even get you the required Laud for the next level up. But it is not easy to obtain these. Every time you start up Starfighter, you need to put in a Laud code, which is given to you for free when you reach certain


    What’s new:

      Starfighter: Infinity is a space combat simulator developed by Neversoft Entertainment, set in the Starfighter Universe. It was released for Microsoft Windows in July 1999 and Linux in February 2000, and has been followed by two sequels, Starfighter: Interceptor (2001) and Starfighter: Rogue Strike (2006). The game is based loosely on the Wing Commander series, and utilizes a very similar 3D graphical engine and scrolling-isometric perspective to Wing Commander IV, plus many other elements from the Wing Commander franchise.

      Starfighter: Infinity was one of the first real-time strategy games to use a first-person viewpoint. It was also one of the first games to use genre-defining features such as vehicle damage and weapon meltdowns. Infinity is much more of a space combat simulator than Wing Commander III, including such features as weapon lock-ons, the ability to blast asteroids, and a number of other game scenarios, as opposed to mere exploration of star systems, or “flying around in the search of loot”, as was common for the Wing Commander series.


      None of the Wing Commander games had sold well. Neversoft was eager to give their next title a shot, a route that had been foreclosed when Wing Commander IV was rejected by 3DO.

      On 22 February 2000, the game was made available for Microsoft Windows. Linux operating system support started on 22 May 2000. The last public release was for version 1.10 on 17 October 2000.

      From the early stages, the designers kept this idea in mind, each decision with the purpose of improving it. One of these examples being the designs, both in the environments and in the combat, that make use of the space-isometric perspective typical of Wing Commander games. The point of view of the starfighter, inside the cockpit, is that of the pilot, giving constant feedback about the starfighters’ movement, aiming and firing.


      Starfighter: Infinity, first released on the Windows platform, was met with mixed reviews. On release, it was given a rating of 6.5/10 according to GameSpot. In the months following, the game received average scores and was generally compared to Wing Commander IV and Wing Commander III, being considered a natural successor to those games.

      Scores were usually grounded, for the most part, in broad, sweeping comparisons to other games, and in particular to Wing Commander IV. Many reviewers, such as GameSpot, considered Starfighter somewhat


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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    1GHz Processor or faster
    Memory: 512MB RAM
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Other: Mouse and keyboard
    Additional Notes:
    To play the game, you will need to download it. However, if you do not already have a Steam account you will be prompted to create one. To activate the game, you will also need to download the Steam Client. This will allow you to launch and play games purchased through Steam, as well as other games


    Additional Information

    Name Starfighter: Infinity
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.64 / 5 ( 6499 votes )
    Update (7 days ago)


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