Masters of the World is a multi-player online game set in the virtual world of Second Life, where players meet in a shared geography, building their nation, and their world, in the same way that players of other online games meet in our own. It is in alpha development.
The World’s geography is much larger than the screen of your computer or mobile device, and you can access some of this world in a web browser.

The above is a side-by-side comparison of real-time strategy, fantasy, and role-playing games of 2008-2009.
I have put this chart together, because, we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect 4.0 rating. I am not going to include any games that received less than a 4.5, but also, I am not going to include any games that received more than a 4.0.

Furthermore, I have included the exact numbers of games in each sub-category. These numbers were copied directly from RTS-Masters website. All the comparisons were made using the official website, and not manipulated numbers (most of the comparisons were done manually, so if someone wants to dispute a comparison, then that person would have to cite a source.)
IMPORTANT NOTE: I put this chart together, for educational purposes. Therefore, numbers do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author. I am not trying to achieve false-positives, nor false-negatives. Rather, I am trying to attempt to provide a more accurate way to compare the games, with the numbers provided by the games’ developers.
Please note that as much as I wanted to add more games, I was unable to. Therefore, the list is a bit more “shorter” than I wanted it to be, but this is still an interesting list.

Category:1. Real-Time Strategy

Category:2. Role-Playing Games

Category:3. Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Category:4. Other Games

Category:5. PC

Category:6. Console

Category:7. Mobile

Category:8. Online

Category:9. Handheld

Category:10. Handheld/Tabletop

Category:11. Single-Player

Category:12. Game Boy Advance

Category:13. Game Boy Color

Category:14. Game Gear

Category:15. Psion



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    "status": "in progress",
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    "apiVersion": "v1",
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    "tags": [],
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    "sha256": "7d138035aa0788cd5b052d1f5eb6f49a551b3426a3579f599b47bbc5d0a5af39"


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    Monsters & Mortals is a free to play first person horror game by Above Below Games for iOS and Android. It was developed by a group of game makers including DarkestMedia, people that created the Dark Deception series, alongside some brand new folks. It's been a while since Dark Deception but it's back! We're taking the legacy of Dark Deception and moving it into the platforming realm with Monsters & Mortals. Monsters & Mortals follows a storyline where a portal to the underworld opens and thousands of monsters come through and start a war over who gets to go to the underworld.
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    published:10 Feb 2016


    The Purge - Mon 9/12/2016 (@ 11:00 p.m)

    Players face off as heroes, villains, and everything in-between, in this free-for-all fight to the death. Play only on any map you wish, including the original map, Purge!

    published:13 Sep 2016


    Powerplay - Mon 10/22/2016 (@ 5:00 p.m.)

    Minecraft TV Live Chat: Free to Play, No In-App Purchases?

    Powerplay - Mon 10/22/2016 (@ 5:00 p.m.)

    This week, we're discussing the seemingly never-ending story with In-Game Purchases and how it's affected some games. In the first hour we'll be looking at the history of how publishers/developers have gotten away with this kind of business over the years and why it keeps on getting adopted. We'll then compare that to the popular War Mode which has been made available for free in Minecraft: Story


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    Players will need to try to complete their own mark on the screen. Touch a cross on the screen, and the player will need to move their cross up and down to match the corresponding part of the image.
    The game will start slowly, but it will get harder and faster the longer you play.
    Controls Arrow: Move the player
    S: Score a point
    Space: Jump
    C: Quit the game

    The description of PaperBox says that it’s an easy to play platformer, but I can say otherwise. There are many subtle aspects that make this game difficult. The first challenge you will face is controlling your time. Instead of having a finite time limit, you must tap to pass through each checkpoint. The further you get in the game, the more challenging the checkpoints become. Some of them are small and make sense, while others are larger than life and require a perfect tap to pass. The second aspect of the game that will challenge you is learning how to navigate the game. There are many areas that you must navigate to in order to proceed. Each area of the game has its own unique challenges. The second stage has a level where a large rushing river will challenge you if you don’t have the skills to swim across it. My favorite aspect of the game is how the blocks always move in the opposite direction that you are tapping. You never know where you will be tapping, but that uncertainty will add to the challenge.

    Note: This game is great on your phone, but on the web you will experience much slower loading times.

    Disclaimer: Dead Trigger 2 should only be purchased by those that are at least 18 years old.

    Telltale Games brings back the adventure series and adds a new cast of characters to their gaming repertoire. I am a huge fan of the series and I have to say that Dead Trigger 2 gets a 9/10. I was surprised to see that the story has some hidden truths, and players are given multiple endings. The game has tons of guns and takes place in an open world. The soundtrack has several different themes. The game play is pretty much the same as the previous title and it is still fun. The game is free to play, but players will have to pay $4.99 to unlock all of the features.

    Dead Trigger 2 - Open World FPS Action GamePlay:

    Dead Trigger 2 is open world FPS action game. The game is free to play and has you play as Cass, an assassin.


    What's new in Above Below:

    and below are both taken from the same interview. Below is the first time of the interview, during which he spews complete contradictions, and the second below the squirming animal is revealed to be crabby old man Kyle.

    Following are excerpts:

    Note the following excerpt:

    “But we also want to transfer the unemployment tax so that here in Norway, if you are on welfare and on public services, you pay both the unemployment tax on top of the welfare service. So if you spend money on welfare, also at least something of the money goes to unemployment protection. Now, whether or not this is agreed upon and whether it’s worked out in the end. The government will decide that.”

    “The idea is that you send someone to work. We are not sending everyone. We are not sending everyone to work because it would be high up on the Danish wish list. It would be an economic burden to send them to work, because then you would lose custom. There would also be a cultural burden. So that is why, actually, you send less people to work.

    “If there is a heavy enough crime rate then you need public security. If it is a high enough crime rate in society, then people need help in society. We are all of the opinion that there should be people contributing to public services in return for public service, so that I would agree that society does not pick up the unemployment tax or welfare tax.”

    “But, uh, let’s put it the way this it is here: they have a little town. The highest level of unemployment protection that is achieved here, the system is that you start getting a job after one month because you have been unemployed for one month. I understand the Netherlands does this, and also other systems. So you pay your unemployment tax after one month and then you get your welfare benefits. Some people do not want to work. They don’t like this system.”

    “The group of young people that the welfare has decided to put back in school for higher education is 20% percent.”

    “We are, actually, convinced we will raise the number of youngsters who do higher education. We have a new higher education college system in the Norwegian economy, where there will be courses at colleges with courses much cheaper for youngsters. So that the cost for youngsters who leave school between the ages of 16 and 18 is still low, that


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