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This invention relates generally to the control of fluid flow through a valve and more particularly to a flow control valve assembly which provides a desired volumetric flow rate of fluid through the valve by a desired volumetric flow rate of pressurized air through an associated tubular body while providing a minimum flow rate through the valve assembly in the absence of air.
2. Background Art
A typical prior art air control valve is shown in FIG. 1 of the accompanying drawings. The air control valve assembly 1 includes a valve body 2 having upper and lower valve seats 3 and 4, respectively, a valve plate 5 which is slidably attached to the valve body 2 and biased to its lower valve seat 4, and a valve member 6 which is slidably attached to the valve plate 5 and biased to its upper valve seat 3. The valve member 6 is provided with a flow passage 7 which opens into a fluid inlet 8 of the valve body 2 at a valve seat clearance 9. The fluid inlet 8 communicates with a fluid supply tube 10 that supplies a fluid, such as air or water, to the valve assembly 1. The valve assembly 1 also includes an air supply tube 11 which communicates with an air supply, such as a storage tank, and an air distribution tube 12 that communicates with a supply of pressurized air in the fluid supply tube 10 and into which the air exits from the air supply tube 11.
In operation, the air distribution tube 12 supplies pressurized air to the flow passage 7 of the valve plate 5, thereby creating a force F which pushes the valve plate 5 upwardly. This force F causes the valve member 6 to seat against the upper valve seat 3 with sufficient force to prevent substantial leakage of fluid through the valve. When the air distribution tube 12 is press

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Chief Minister Narendra Modi lauded the Uttar Pradesh State police force with a statement on Independence day. He said that the State police force is the best in the country. He also talked about the first World Bank report on law and order, which talks about the problem of law and order.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the first World Bank report in which they said that the states in India are less safe than they are in other countries. He also talked about the many benefits of this study and many of the actions that states should take.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that states should modernize their police departments and use technology as a good method. He also said that that the country must combine the state and central governments to increase the police forces.

He said that the Indian government must be allocated a larger amount of funding for police and other state needs. The aim of such an allocation is to have better security for the country and for all their citizens. It also helps to maintain economic growth rates in the country and to help the country become a better place.

When there is a problem with law enforcement in India, this must be resolved quickly as well as effectively as possible. The issues with police force in India are discussed in this article.


Most of the crimes in India are being committed by the drug users of all ages. The drugs are the cause of so much crime and other

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