In a world where magic is commonplace, a young wizard seeks to learn as much as possible about the art of magic. But as he explores, something evil and deadly lurks within the very bounds of magic.
You must play as the PCs to solve the mysteries surrounding the sudden, deadly disappearance of one of the wizard’s colleagues and delve further into the legendary lore of Mage’s Tower to unlock the secrets behind its foundation. But as you delve further in to your studies, you are confronted with an absolute evil that will threaten the very fabric of the world itself. Your friends and foes alike are not what they first appear to be, and you must figure out why. It’s not easy to unravel secrets and ancient lore that has been locked away from the very world itself.

Under His Skin is an adventure for 1-6 level 1-2 characters, written for use with the Pathfinder and 3.5 Revised rulesets. It is a 40,000 word adventure that can easily be expanded as your players work their way through the adventure. The adventure includes three full maps, including a special island map for your campaign setting.

Under His Skin requires a Fantasy Grounds license to run, or an ultimate license. The included 3.5 or Pathfinder ruleset is included for free if you do not have Fantasy Grounds, but it is recommended to run this adventure with the Pathfinder ruleset (if you have not tried the ruleset, I recommend the Starter Game before you do as it is less complex, and easier to understand). Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 is available for free if you do not have Fantasy Grounds.

This looks really cool. I think it looks like something worth checking out. 🙂

Im really not that great on storylines for stuff like this. Especially when it comes to modules. I often get stuck on what to make my own vision of the plot look like as compared to another game.

After I finish the book I would really like to hear what everyone else makes of it.

I love the cover! I really wanted to make use of a map for my final campaign but was never quite sure where to begin, Under His Skin just about covers everything I was worried would go over my head 🙂


(If you are my only GM)

Nope, I’m not 🙁

When you first delve into the setting and plot though, I think it would be a great way to go through the rough history of the tower with


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    Agony: Lords Of Hell [Win/Mac]

    The fourth installment of the Agony series is a 2D side-scroller, where you must navigate through a vast and lonely world full of monsters, ruins and traps.
    In this the player is leading a group of lords, and their duty is to seek for survivors after a great apocalypse.
    Siege Hero 3D
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    Agony: Lords Of Hell Crack + [Win/Mac]

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    “Diplomacy” game from the developer:

    The “Classic” of the House of Dilly games. “Dilly Games” makes you feel as a real dice lord. You must use your wits and training, and plan your moves in this game. The game helps you to improve your decision-making and planning skills and is great for relaxing and calming down. Relaxing and calming down sure helps you to become better at this challenging game.
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