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5 March, 2006

Helen Henderson

The Scottish referendum is the first UK-wide democratic vote that is likely to take place in a non-European state. On 5 March an independent Scotland will vote on whether to retain a United Kingdom (UK) of four nations or to leave and become an independent country. An astonishing 63.9% of Scottish voters, three out of every four, think they will vote to become an independent nation. This means that the referendum is likely to go one way or the other.

This is a unique moment in the history of Europe. The UK is now a real political unit in its own right. Scotland is not a piece of the UK, it is a full political entity in its own right.

But if Scotland votes for Independence, there will be seismic changes in the UK. This is a risk and an opportunity. Many people will say that a referendum is ‘no matter’. It is not matter in the same sense that a vote for dictatorship is not matter. It is a matter of taking responsibility for what you do, and as much as you can accept the consequences of your vote.

Referendums are one of the few tools democracies have to make change. For the democratic system of the United Kingdom to function, a UK government and parliament has to be able to make decisions on behalf of the nation. But UK laws, institutions and policies are based on two different sets of values and beliefs. The decisions about the future of the United Kingdom are taken by a parliament that is dominated by those who believe in a society based on a largely Judeo-Christian moral consensus that places Christian values above all.

The majority of people who live in Scotland and Wales, are of a different set of beliefs. They believe that the majority of the decisions the government makes should be made on the basis of the best outcomes for the majority of people. Scotland and Wales want to make their own decisions based on their own values.

Would the people of Scotland be willing to accept the consequences if we voted for independence? After all, we are talking about breaking up of the UK, not just Scotland. Let’s–gbni8kSQQtu01gBehpl8

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