Thought to have been lost in the Win…


Just a couple of days before the New Moon Festival, there’s a fire in the forest. There are echoes of a boy’s voice in the nearby cliff.

The love of Kazuma’s life is taken away by a mysterious illness, so he decides to go back to the city and confront the big bad guy.


Over 50 short and romantic scenes

Cute idol voices

Multiple endings

Every scene has fully voiced audio!

100+ original lyrics

An optional Full Voiced mode

Original Video

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The original Love Plus on the Gameboy had a
meeting of the faces of a man and a woman in the park. I remember
wanting to meet the man just from the music and to find out more about
him. This game has the same feeling. You meet these two characters, but
they’re not married, and there is a lot of mystery involved. You get
to the park and find them kissing, and their voices sound like they are
in a deep love… well, relationship. – D. Davis, Youtube user

But I did never find out why this couple was together… – S.Chen, Youtube userQ:

Running a jar file without having root priviliges

Possible Duplicate:
Execute a jar file without superuser priviliges
How to execute an existing jar file without “java” privileges

I have written a library in java that i want to run as a jar file.
I downloaded a decompiler and it doesn’t work on linux. In windows, it runs with “java -jar “.
Is there a way to make the jar file run without having root privileges?


You should just have the jar on the same file system as the command line java program that uses it, and thus shouldn’t need any privileges to start.


Best way to escape apostrophe or single quote in a SSAS dataset name

As we all know, a ” in a SSAS dataset name is not supported by Microsoft and should be escaped. According to the codeplex forums, you escape the ” by doubling it up. However, what is the best approach when you are providing a single quote as part of the name? For instance, the SSAS dataset name


Divine Slice Of Life – Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Battle against Hordel, the demon army.
  • Fight for your highest scores.
  • Take control of a series of battles.
  • Battle various characters to achieve your goal.
  • Screenshots,2015:article/comments/id/1237832015-11-03T23:54:39Z2015-11-03T23:54:39Z

    I really like the dungeon master map inside of the game too.

    The game’s website also has some images from the game. Abandonia is a popular indie game developer as well.

    Divine Slice of Life – Soundtrack


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    Divine Slice Of Life – Soundtrack Crack

    In this game, the player has a magical girl named Sakuya and her friends. Sakuya is a high school student who was born with a gift.
    Her friends are also magical girls who Sakuya protects and helps.
    Meet Akame, a demon who was forced to live in this world.
    Because she has a different color, Sakuya is aware of Akame’s dangerous powers.
    She protects Akame from her enemies to protect the world.
    The player’s goal is to defeat Akame by being Sakuya’s magic power.
    The other characters in this game are divided into 2 categories.
    The first is “Sakuya’s friends”.
    You can enjoy up to the anime time.
    The second are “Others”.
    The player can only control Sakuya and that’s it.
    This is because that, this game is an RPG game like previous 2 games.
    All the dialogue is displayed on the screen.
    Voice actors, such as original singer Konishi Yuuka, Ohisa Yuka, Nagao Kotaro, Izumi Takeo, are all of high quality.
    The sound effects and the background music are also wonderful.
    The story is about a high school girl Sakuya, and her friends.
    One day, Sakuya lost consciousness in the middle of the school.
    Sakuya awakens in a world of magic and different colors.
    There is a girl named Akame who is like a demon.
    Sakuya and her friends are aware of Akame’s dangerous powers.
    Sakuya and Akame decide to fight against each other in order to protect the world.
    In order to defend Akame, Sakuya calls all her friends to see what are her friends.
    Her friends include Akame who is constantly surprising and sometimes you need to be careful of unexpected attacks,
    Sunao which is a model student, Taka who is always caught by the bad guy, Natsuki who eats,
    Runa who is always caught by her friends, Toda who has a beard, Itsuki who seems to have nothing,
    Saeko who has short hair and wears glasses, Rin who is a mysterious character who doesn’t reveal her powers and Masato,
    who always tries to act cute and gives Sakuya a lot of troubles.
    There are other characters such as school teachers, sorority girls and rich girls.
    But that’s a story of a single high school girl’s life.
    Sakuya: Asu means wild, suki means to be strong,


    What’s new:

    track no. 2

    This is the soundtrack of my life… and of your life too. It contains a divine combination of mystic Asian Spirituality, Christian Spirituality and Western Science.

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    I believe we live in a place I like to call Spiritual Half-Life… where there is a gorgeous coexistence of Science, Spirituality, and Western History. This blog is my attempt to record all the world events and physical happenings of this place I am calling “Near Heaven.”



    Rainbow Alliance


    All the music on this page is intended for worship, you may not share this content publicly on social media or to download, duplicate, distribute, make available, or use it for any other purpose without the express written consent of the musicians or copyright holders. If you would like permission to share it with others, please contact me personally at

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    A link to the source of the audio is included as soon as the video is played.

    Note: if you do not see the option in “Add to playlists,” it means it is not available for viewing via any of the devices. If you want to try, you can get the “different ways to buy” links directly from iTunes or Google Play Store.

    Additional Info:

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    Overview:This plugin allows for many NPC options and sounds to be added.

    Recent changes: Patch up 0.2.1


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    • How to Install?
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