Name Dooria
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Creating a cohesive and thematic campaign, 3x ENnie award winner Todd Gamble crafts a world with a rich backdrop, full of myth, romance and danger. Discover the mysteries of the story, and discover what lies beyond the Goblin Cave.
The goblins in The Spiral City are mysterious beings. No one has ever been able to capture them, and they always turn up where least expected. Travelers who appear just off the path to enter a mysterious cave have all reported seeing goblin and monster tracks, but has anyone ever managed to gain a direct glimpse into their world?
A Pathfinder/3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4 PCs of Levels 1-2
The village of Svor has a problem, travelers on the main road are being robbed by bandits. The magistrate has requested assistance from the king, but help will take weeks to arrive. In the meantime the PCs are called upon to investigate the robberies. Clues lead the group through Svorian Forest and across Murky Lake to the entrance of Goblin Cave. Who or what awaits them inside?
The winding paths of Svorian Forest are lined with secret tombs and the treasures they contain. The goblins responsible for the robberies are known to vanish into Goblin Cave, so if the PCs are not prepared they may find themselves face to face with a goblin clan and their most fearsome hordwarf. These goblins have the power to animate the cadaverous spirits known as the vampyr. The vampyr are bound by strict taboos, and are well known to the goblins of Goblin Cave. Should the PCs fail to slay their foes, they may be forced to fight a desperate battle with these spirits for their own survival.
Murky Lake
The goblins of Goblin Cave seem to be withdrawing from the light of day, and no one goes near the ancient lake that surrounds the cave. No one knows what lurks beneath the lake. The goblins of Goblin Cave are also the only creatures that can see the poisonous green spores, which flourish in the shadows of the murky waters. If the PCs venture into the murk, they may never come out. If they find out too late that they must find their way back through the lake, they will certainly find that death waits on the other side.
The goblins of Goblin Cave build their own hordwarf, a goblin with the physique of a dwarf but without dwarven features. The goblins also breed their own sort of hordwarf that looks like a skeleton wearing the


Name Dooria
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.75 / 5 ( 879 votes )
Update (8 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Tutorial
  • World extensible in a visual editor (textures, objects, lighting effects)
  • Level editor
  • Multiplayer
  • Hardscroll physics
  • Custom sculpting effects


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Dooria Serial Key sets are the unique model engine sets in Train Simulator. Consisting of a locomotive, tender and a number of cab carriages these sets offer a more realistic approach to rail travel in Train Simulator than that of the standard freight trains. Being the most realistic you are able to perform all important tasks, such as shunting, direction switching and also signal control, at the level of satisfaction this game can offer. Please note: This set is based on existing railway equipment which is not fitted with a cab.
Key Features:
Features for Train Simulator:
A total of 8 Dooria sets provided!
Fast-reversible 2-8-4T, T2, G1 engine and tender
Introduction of all cab cars: K-8, K-10, K-8N, K-10N, LK and RK
Signal facilities: GTO, TF, TPO, PRS, as well as interlocking systems
This set includes a fully equipped Dooria with a type 2 k-8-tender for indoor and outdoor use.
What’s included?
This set includes:
Railway Vehicles
– Steam Locomotive: CO17
– Tender: 6TE16
– Number of cab cars: K-10, K-10N, K-8N, K-8, LK and RK
– Cab Carts: K-8 (green), K-8N (blue) and K-10N (red)
– Ferroconcrete Tender: 6TE16
– Coupler set
– Railway track
1. Steam Locomotive: You can navigate Steam Locomotive: CO17 easily by manual control. You can also use Steam Locomotive: CO17 for non-simulated game play.
2. Tender: You can run Tender (T6) and cab cars (K-10N, K-8N, K-10, K-8) with different locomotives (Steam Locomotive: CO17). You can also use Tender (T6) and cab cars (K-10N, K-8N, K-10, K-8) for non-simulated game play.
3. Cab Cars: Cab cars (K-10, K-8) can be manually controlled. The cab car (K-8) with cab is equipped with a lever, giving the player


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Evan White is the founder and President of Dooria Games. With his studio located in Portland, Oregon he has worked in the video game industry for over 10 years and has been a lead designer on a number of successful games like NHL 09, NBA 2K11, MLB: The Show 14 and MLB: The Show 20. Evan is a giant monster of a man, and you’ll probably agree that his awesome work deserves some tribute. So he made a custom Danger Room that has been designed to give you the same adrenaline rush that he gets from playing video games. This custom Danger Room was made entirely out of Lego Technic parts and a great number of standees from the worlds of gaming and film.
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Family Lamiaceae

Thomas Anson Scott, Flora of the Gold Coast (1919)

Gold Coast
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Do we need a [process] tag for questions about historical software?

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A few examples include:

What is the ideal process of a fully distributed team?

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This would be quite specific to the software. Please vote if you think we should use a process tag for things about software development. If not, can we come up


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