Dreaming Sarah is an unconventional game in which you help a young girl get up from a coma. To do this, you’ll have to explore her dream-world by collecting gameplay-changing items, talking to people, solving puzzles and collecting collectibles. Solving puzzles will also involve observing the world around you in order to create a chain of events that would unfold in the real world.


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I’m going to count down my ten favorite games of all time since I have already 10 games. And now I don’t have to choose among them anymore, I’m just going to make the list.

10. American McGee’s Alice (2003)

It’s an emotional and touching game. You’ve got the part of Alice, the girl who enters a twisted world full of zombies and terrible, dark beings. And then there are those 2 voices that always make your heart pound. The man and the woman. And then you have the magic of the spirit. Just look at this gorgeous box art.

9. Portal 2 (2008)

Remember when I said that Portal is a game that can be played with all ages? Well, this sequel definitely delivers. It’s one of those games


Features Key:

  • This game is all about Sarah the brave pebble girl!
  • Run Sarah while jumping and avoid obstacles
  • Collect special powerups in special stages
  • There are four different worlds
  • Different levels and difficulty
  • There are three worlds per level
  • Beautiful artwork and graphics
  • Controls:

    • Joystick: You can use 1, 2 or 3 joystick controller (no keyboard)
    • Trackball: You can use 8 buttons or 1 trackball
    • Keyboard: You can use a keyboard to control your movements
    • Gamepad: You can use an OnLive gamepad for a multimedia controller
    • Switch with Start: Your controllers will be linked. You can start the game by pressing Start and you will be in the menu, choosing your controller.

    Control options:

    • Options for Trackball’s sensitivity, buttons/joysticks position and more
    • Options to choose from the different loading times. Each of them represent a different amount of time that your game will take to load
    • There is also an option to enable or disable the music and effect sound
    • You can close the game by pressing ESC

    Controls tips:

    • When you control Sarah, it is not necessary to press the arrow keys to move.
    • The arrow keys simply let you know where you should run and jump
    • To activate auto-running, you have to press keys that are not needed for moving. You can use A and S to jump on platforms
    • You can only activate auto-running after something has passed
    • When you enter a Special Stage, you won’t have to press E to activate the auto-running and you can jump pretty high
    • When you finish your


      Dreaming Sarah Serial Number Full Torrent

      Sarah has been accidently pushed in front of a moving train. But this isn’t her real life. She’s trapped in her coma. She can’t feel the people close to her. She can’t even realize that she’s dreaming. It’s up to you to help her wake up. Explore the world around her and find items that you can use to get out of her dream. See what happens with a certain item in a certain world. Combine the items to solve puzzles. Discover new places to travel to. Have fun!
      Follow this dream!

      Didn’t work, I downloaded the wrong name? Why it is not working in my pc? It would be great to help me with your information. Where should i find the trail for my PC?

      [b]Posted 06/25/2016[/b]
      [url= Sarah[/url]
      [i]Kiss Decarations:[/i]
      [b]IMPORTANT:[/b] This game is coming soon to the Google Play Store!
      [b]Google Play Store Link:[/b]
      [url= Sarah[/url]
      [i]Kiss Decarations:[/i]
      [b]IMPORTANT:[/b] This game is coming soon to the Google Play Store!
      [b]Google Play Store Link:[/b]
      [url= Sarah[/url]
      [i]Kiss Decarations:[/i]
      [b]IMPORTANT:[/b] This game is coming soon to the Google Play Store!
      [b]Google Play Store Link:[/b]
      [url= Sarah[/url]
      [i]Kiss Decarations:[/i]

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      Dreaming Sarah

      ~Let’s play and see Sarah wake up!
      ~Play with Sarah’s sisters, Alice and Anna.
      ~Explore the different areas of Dreaming Sarah while solving puzzles and exploring the world.
      ~Solve puzzles by paying attention to the scenery, taking notes and exploring the world around you.
      ~Get up to two different endings depending on what you have found or done.
      ~Explore the world by talking to characters, and finding notes that help you.
      ~Play as one of three sub-stories depending on what you have found in the world, and how much of the events of your story you want to know.
      ~Save Sarah from her dream world and be the real Sarah. Change the ending and help her wake up by collecting the items on your adventure.
      ~Random events and story elements that make you think a lot, but it’s all true.
      ~Change the day of the week to help Sarah wake up in a different way. Change the light, the weather, Sarah’s outfit or the time of day.
      ~Watch her dreams come alive. See Sarah’s dreams come true.
      ~Feel a lot of emotions as you play a true game about dreams and reality.
      ~The game tells the story of two sisters in one dream. Explore both sisters’ side of the game and gain a better understanding of what happened and what is going on, but always stay in Sarah’s perspective.
      ~The game tells the story of one girl in two sisters’ dreams. Play as one sister in either sister’s dream, and get the different endings.
      ~The game tells the story of one girl from her point of view. Play as her in her different dream worlds and change the ending.
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