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Dry Drowning is a 2D adventure with a hard-as-nails visual style. You are cast out to find meaning and redemption, even in the most nihilistic of sci-fi settings.
Build a character to suit your play-style, join the Void on your quest and become immersed in a rich world.
Play solo or team up with up to 2 players, join forces to meet challenges and live out your destiny.
Full of amazing characters and settings, and beautiful hand-drawn artwork.

Premium Edition Pack:
Full game plus:
Detailed Artbook
Backstory and character identities document
Unpublished concept art
Developer insights
All backgrounds and artworks

Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions are available via digital download.
DRY DROWNING VR is now available on Steam with Oculus Rift support!

The game was played on three different Linux platforms. The second try on Kubuntu looked good and I eventually got workable fps.

The first time, with Valgrind (2.0.0), I got a seg fault after the character’s brain explosion. I got a less clear but similar crash from KDEs database program (I haven’t checked this time)

The third try, and I think it was on WSL, I got a similar crash and I stopped at a blank screen. I have tried several times, WSL has had problems with samba before so I suspect there’s a problem with that.

On the second try, I selected the right resolution, and I’m using the DRI_PRIME=1 environment variable, so it’s rendering everything, but I’m not getting any more than “Segmentation fault”.

I have disabled PulseAudio, so it looks like the crash is somewhere else. Looking at the crash report I have received (if I can find it), the program crashes in a function called “kdeui_konsole_dialog_dialog_show”. I have no idea how to debug this, but it sounds like I am missing some font for that dialog.

If the game crashes in a dialog, you might want to check if your font is installed correctly.
The list of fonts you have installed can be found by running the command: “xset q”. This will bring up a dialog containing the list of currently installed fonts.

If you do not see the font you want to use, you can manually install it by running


Features Key:

  • A story interpreted in different ways.
  • An alternative to the combat system of the MMO.
  • Minimal character development, assuring players the central character is always given his due importance.
  • An innovative combat system where you can literally move through the environment or cling to other characters to win a fight.
  • Updated maps.
  • New, customizable armors made up of meshes and UV textures.
  • Customizable player stats by default.
  • Chapbook-style missions to complete prior to games so people who only play for a day or two don’t get bored.
  • Easy instruction, courtesy of the artbook behind the game.
  • Multiple difficulty levels.
  • Dry Drowning is an action game with roguelike elements.
    If the genre raises some other ideas than dancing, carousal, watching you friend in a circle to become world champion or all the other things “roguelike” is associated to, do not worry, Dry Drowning is going to be the last game you need to play in order to stop thinking of this genre as an unrealistic laugh a relaxing way to kill time.
    While easy to learn, Dry Drowning will place you into five stages in an epic solo campaign.
    The five stages are linked together by narrative events and a mystery system that the central character will need to unravel.
    After a while, the game includes a multiplayer mode.

    Unique to the genre, Dry Drowning doesn’t make players wait for the action to begin.
    An intelligent character interaction system means you can simply swap stats in battle with the enemy or abuse the environment to make a quick turn.
    At the same time, there is still time to both read and dialog with your party members.

    Dry Drowning was created during a previous project, where classic RPG level design was used.
    The story of Dry Drowning was born by looking at these design.
    Now the game stands alone and all it needs from you is to have fun.

    The game will be playable on PC/Mac/Linux.

    This project has been created for three audiences – those who just want to have


    Dry Drowning – Artbook Download [2022]

    Developed by: Hybrid Game,
    Available on: PC,
    Publisher: Dry Drowning,
    Available via: Steam,
    Price: $9.99
    About The Artbook Hybrid Game, the Polish game development studio, is best known for their surreal, zombie-filled, dry drenching apocalypse game, Dry Drowning, but has also recently developed the award winning Tumbletyn – a fun, retro-inspired game about the power of friendship.
    About Dry Drowning:
    Dry Drowning is an adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic, dry dystopic world. Players take the role of a young orphan boy, Frank, who must escape the ruined city of New London. Frank’s journey involves defeating mutated creatures, and finding shelter in a variety of different environments to avoid the elements.
    Join Frank as he escapes the desolate city of New London in this adventure game from HybriD Game.

    Dimitry L., First-time Contributor

    Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:24 am

    Greetings from Russia!

    Greetings from Russia!

    Отзыв написан и подписан: 20.11.2015 13:07:45

    Теги: Experimental Gameplay, Theory and Practice

    How do you learn? How do you learn? Or more specifically, how do you start? What makes it easy? What makes it difficult? What makes you feel excited and motivated, and what doesn’t? How do these differences affect your first experiences?

    This presentation will cover some of the main aspects of learning and will provide some practical ways to tackle the problem of learning.

    What do you need to consider when designing a game about a theme like silence? Does it make sense to have a player who is trying to understand silence, as in the case of Haunting Ground, or is it better to have the player encounter the silence while actually being immersed in the silence?

    This presentation will share some of my thoughts about this issue.

    Please join me!

    Byron Young, Developer

    Отзыв написан и подписан: 13.11.2015 17:40:50

    Теги: Game Design, Theory and


    Dry Drowning – Artbook For PC


    The Land of Snakes is a cold, inhospitable place. With nothing to grow, the only life forms are the predators and their prey.

    Those who enter the Burnt Lands must be careful as the land is unpredictable and unforgiving. Some believe the land has more to offer than death, but that is not the truth.

    Under a long and cold winter, the Croakon Tribe are preparing for the end of the winter and the start of the Spring.

    Sizak, the eldest of the eldest, can feel the blood leave his body as he sees the land scorched, the winds battered.

    It is time to help the weaker members of his tribe and together they face the burning desert.


    Sizak is a melee fighter.

    He has high defense and high energy, but low mana.

    He has a weapon that shoots fire, that allows him to shoot fire in front of him. He can also throw fireballs, which do a large amount of damage and do not consume energy.

    Sizak wears an armor that provides strength and critical damage, but he also suffers from cold.

    Drowning animation:

    To drown a character you need to bring them below the character’s hitbox by pressing the [D] key (when they are in the air) or using the ‘Drown’ button.

    They will then enter their swimming animation. You can bring them as deep as you want by pressing the ‘D’ key again.

    In the game you can use the ‘Boost’ command to quickly bring the character back up to the surface.

    Important Notes:

    The key ‘D’ and the ‘D’ key will both move the character up to the surface.

    A dash is not animated. The dash key is only used to accelerate your character quickly.

    The ‘Boost’ command will quickly bring the character back to the surface.

    From the front the character will go straight up, from the back downwards, and to the side, their angle will change.

    You can see the character’s animation and make sure your keybindings and animations are set up correctly, and that your actions are connected to the character’s animation correctly.

    If you don’t have the correct animations set up, you may not see the character move correctly or even fully submerge.

    You can change the order and set up the action animations


    What’s new in Dry Drowning – Artbook: