Duckles is a duck who comes from a family of mostly ducks (duck brothers). The only duckling in the family, he is the black sheep of the family. He journeys across the real world with his pal, his pet o’ nugget, and his trusty faithful sidekick, gargubba, on a quest to find out what’s up with the world.
His hero’s journey begins as the ultimate pinball wizard when he spies a rooster on the roof of a train and ducks into the game room, where he finds a duck transformed into a bladed pinball for some unknown reason. He bets that he can end the game by redirecting the pinball in a way that it ends the game. With the help of his pal and sidekick, he starts collecting items from a weird, dangerous witch. After a series of exciting events, our hero faces a terrifying encounter with the winged witch.
And now you are a spoiled 16-bit hero and it’s time to go back to a simpler age of gaming!
– Over 4 hours of story-driven gameplay
– 8 original tracks of in-house music
– Over 12 never seen before enemies and bosses
– Co-op mode
– 8 heartwarming cutscenes
– 2 never seen before features
– Steam integration (Steam Workshop)
– Avail to the latest PC specs and low / high end console specs
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Key Features

Over 4 hours of Story-driven gameplay

8 Original tracks of in-house music

Over 12 Never seen before enemies and bosses

Co-op Mode

8 Heartwarming Cutscenes

Steam Integration (Steam Workshop)

Android Version

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Duckles: The Jigsaw Witch Features Key:

  • The evil Duckles has played with your mind, and you must use it’s own rules of development to end his reign of terror!
  • 5 Levels of MadnessWonderful Journey of Jigsaw Witch!
  • Huge New Levels!
  • Play 60 Levels to unlock a special Something for you!
  • All the Powerful Secrets of your Mind!
  • You Wish You Can Get Some More More.


Duckles: The Jigsaw Witch Crack + [Updated-2022]

– A new combination of platforming and rpg game.
– Go to the Jigga-Witch’s island and defeat her fiendish traps to rescue your friends.
– Discover what happened to the Winged Folk and save them from the Witch’s evil plans.
– Battle it out in a retro-cutesy 16-bit metroidvania-style game.
– Explore the island and find secret areas.
– Collect over 30 unique spells, potions, ingredients and items.
– Over 32 catchy and atmospheric music tracks!
– Get ready to dive through a dark fantasy-world full of witches and allies.
– Toggle between single-player and co-operative play mode any time during the game to battle your way through the island!
– Enhanced levelling and boss system
– On-screen hints, tips and tips-portal to help guide you on your way!
– Replay assist to save your duck hero from falling to your death!
– Over 8 hours of gameplay

– Totally free game!
– Compatible with your PlayStation 3 system
– No download or updates needed!
– No in-app purchases!


Screenshots and Videos:

About the game

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But we believe that it doesn’t have to be that way! You – the player –
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We believe that to support independent developers’ creations
should also be supported


Duckles: The Jigsaw Witch

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What’s new:

Duckles is a protagonist whom many should familiar with. She is a pale young woman whose trusty companion in her quests is the blue bush dog Jigsaw. Although she is competent, hardworking and resourceful, she is definitely not a Mary Sue. The plot of the last episode in the second season ended with Dick Gumshoe leaving her in a mountain camp, and she returning to New York City. The third season, which began in July 2017, has Jigsaw in a dog prison and her world has crashed down. We have no idea how it will end.


Ducking is a Crow Bones type character, a kind of half-spectre of a were-cassowary who hatches a (mostly) good plan and overrides interference from more common enemies. She can be emotional, but as befits a supernatural being she is pretty stoic. She can be half-hearted about threats to her allies and friends. She has little to say for herself and her only true characteristic is to check the weather and go where it tells her. She is also called Hanna, a female equivalent of her name.

Dog Town

Dog Town is a town on the horizon of the show. It is mostly the base of the bulldog detective, and is a place where the good cop bad cop routine is best explained. Many of the “people” who have really close relationships with other characters (who may be able to pass as their friend, foe or spouse) work at the Dog Town Police Headquarters. Even more characters have affairs that get them arrested there. It is never clear exactly who is who, as the narratives and the lines of sight pass to and fro, but half of its population in at least one town mentioned seems to be in some way related to the mafia.

The town is a den of hidden people who do not show their faces. Its officials are carefully chosen, and all the characters complain about the lack of individuality in the town. Not all residents are evil, but they are all enmeshed in some degree of crime, and it’s a small, rutted way of life that most people have grown accustomed to.


“The Doughty Family Way of Doing Things”. This is the main motto of the narrator. It is used to describe the tribe’s system of law enforcement and the expectations people have from it. The narrator is setting expectations for the way things are done so that the audience


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  • ========================================
    < br>

    Game Description:

    Lazy duck, amirite? Alright we don’t really care if that is your normal walking pace here. If you are hella lazy, we have an awesome difficulty for you. The game has a regular and a high difficulty. It features


    System Requirements For Duckles: The Jigsaw Witch:

    Last Updated: August 9, 2014
    Quick Navigation
    Hangar Module
    This is our first work on the CG’s hangar module. We did a lot of research about the differences between the game engines and then we did an all-out research about the CG itself and its materials in order to make it completely realistic.
    1- Easy and fast assembly
    2- Available in several sizes to suit the different needs of each