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The F-105 is a 1970s military simulation developed by Spearhead Games. It is a tactical and aircraft dogfighting game. The campaign takes place in the early 70s, with possible missions from French Algeria and the Horn of Africa (it was also partly inspired by the 1968 Documentary film produced by the United States Information Service, directed by Stanley Kubrick and George Roy Hill, though it is not the same as the game).
The actual F-105 Thunderchief has also been redesigned for this game, going through the usual improvements and improvements (some of them are quite familiar, while others are under exclusive development for this game).
The game has been made to be as close as possible to the real F-105 Thunderchief in order to make an authentic simulation which will remain true to the original. In fact the time has been set to late 1970s and the game has been played in a game fair from 1973.
Also, all items are present in the real airframes: propellers, afterburner of the J79 engine (which act as the “bomber’s radar” by supersonic confirmation), jets of all kinds, radio, etc.
Some important features have been improved:
– Detailed and accurate cockpit
– Controller and HUD which look exactly like the real one (although with special improvements which took into account the needs of the game)
– A new virtual radar which is more competent than the real one
– A new and detailed simulation of the F-105 aircraft flight
– A new cockpit with new HUD and all the controls
– SkyView, which is now more accurate and a better tool
– A new engine with more details
– A new lighting with rain effects
– A new mission system
– A new sound system with new aircraft sounds
– A new map with more detailed features
– More realistic difficulty to acclimatise to a certain level of difficulty
– Weather effects with rain, sun and wind
– An interactive mission with a different degree of difficulty
– An interactive map
– A new aircraft refueling point
– New control scheme
– More powerful weapons
– More decisive attacks (evasive manoeuver, hit-and-run/out-of-gun)
– New cockpit views
– Virtual windows to make a truly digital game
– An arcade mode
– Multiplayer mode (online and LAN) with split-screen mode
– New campaign
– New and more challenging air-to-air


FSX Steam Edition: F-105D Thunderchief Add-On Features Key:

  • The F-105D Thunderchief aircraft type is available for usage in FSX as well. This makes FSX Steam Edition the only fighting game where two aircraft types are available.
  • The F-105D includes the advanced flight dynamics, optionally enhanced for FSX to handle the engine load of the model for the F-105D
  • Combined with a selection of mighty engines and enormous weapon loads, the F-105D is a major yardstick in the FSX arsenal.
  • Steam Edition key features:

    • No ADS-B Mode: FSX Steam Edition allows players to fly the F-105D in this important mission
    • Manual Start: Feels how it should be flying a real aircraft
    • Customizable keybindings: Customizing your cockpit is within your reach

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    FSX Steam Edition: F-105D Thunderchief Add-On Crack Free License Key Download For Windows

    Handy tutorial helps you set-up the aircraft. Loadouts include clean, Mk.82 bombs, M117 bombs, AGM-45 Shrike missiles, long range and post-mission (empty pylons).
    About F-105D Thunderchief Add-On About F-105D Thunderchief Add-On – F-105 Thunderchief Add-On About F-105D Thunderchief Add-On:
    • Loadouts include clean, Mk.82 bombs, M117 bombs, AGM-45 Shrike missiles, long range and post-mission (empty pylons).
    • Handy tutorial helps you set-up the aircraft.
    • Aircraft can be flown using the game’s default aircraft as well as using the included aircraft model.
    About FSX Steam Edition:
    FSX Steam Edition is a stand-alone version of FSX which is hosted through Steam.
    This version is completely free to play. However, the Steamworks cloud services are not provided with this add-on and require a Steam Client to connect to Steamworks services.
    About Steam:
    Visit the Steam web site for more information. Steam is a leading digital distribution platform and community for PC gaming. Millions of gamers play games on Steam, the platform’s largest and most popular community, where software is traded and sold by the millions, and where users interact with each other to create and discover new games.
    About Full Spectrum™:
    Full Spectrum’s mission is to bring the world’s most realistic combat aviation simulation to PC and Mac users. Full Spectrum simulates every aspect of World War II combat flight from the tail of the aircraft to the cockpit. The mission of Full Spectrum is to not simply recreate the past but to allow a player to experience the history, the heroism, the skill and the bravery of the men who flew and fought in this once in a lifetime conflict.
    About FlightGear:
    FlightGear is a 3D flight simulator with an emphasis on historic accuracy. FlightGear is free and open-source software which simulates flight in pre-computer days.
    Authoring in the original FSX involved copying aircraft behavior scripts from the FS3 FSX package over to the FSX package. To solve this problem, the FSX Team forked FSX from TSE (Steam Edition). By moving our own scripts over to the FSX packages from TSE, we enable other developers to use the same set of scripts for authoring.
    Handy tutorial helps you set-


    FSX Steam Edition: F-105D Thunderchief Add-On Crack Free Registration Code Download [32|64bit]

    A comprehensive add-on to FSX: Steam Edition which features a fully functioning F-105D. The F-105 was the first aircraft to be developed for the US Air Force with early models being flown in 1958. It was eventually developed into a versatile aircraft capable of taking on a wide range of roles. In the production F-105B (Block 40) models two motors were fitted, one on the starboard side on the port over engine would be sufficient. The F-105D however featured two J79 engines, which provided much improved performance. The F-105D models are available in the Australian and US Republic Air Force collections. The F-105D “Thunderchief” is an exceptionally robust aircraft able to withstand the stresses of the nuclear age. This add-on includes a comprehensive set of historical combat missions, including all combat missions flown by the Australian F-105D units during the Vietnam War. Great attention has been given to accuracy of the visual and functional details including some of the more known locales and airfields, to recreate a realistic and convincing experience. Featured aircraft stats include: F-105D “Thunderchief” – F-105D “Thunderchief” stats:
    – Length – 34 ft 11 in
    – Wing span – 64 ft 3 in
    – Lift – 385 sq ft
    – CG – 3 ft 2 in
    – Empty weight – 27,500 lbs
    – Normal weight – 38,034 lbs
    – Gross weight – 52,546 lbs
    – ALH – 2.4 in
    – STH – 1.24 in
    – Aileron sweep – 18.5 deg
    – Elevator sweep – 11.3 deg
    – Rudder travel – 8.5 in
    – Flying speed at 5.5 in, ground speed – 133 mph
    – Stall speed at 0.8 m, positive rates – 1.17:1
    – Landing speed – 96.9 mph
    – Lift to drag – 0.205
    – Maximum alpha – 15 deg
    – Maximum beta – 4.42 deg
    – Cone of control – 4.84 in
    – Maximum airspeed – 1,390 mph
    – Service ceiling – > 40,000 ft
    – Powerplant J79-V-25
    – Engines – 2 (2 ram air)
    – Fuel – 1,832 gallons
    – Prop – 21.8 ft
    – At low speed – 25 psi ASI
    – At high speed – 64 psi ASI
    – Low speed fuel


    What’s new:

    Editors Note: This add-on has successfully been released for both the Windows and Mac versions of FSX. If you wish to read a more indepth review of the Steam Edition, read the article titled ‘FSX Steam Edition Review: F-105D Thunderchief Released‘ at the end of this article.

    By FlightSimX.Com Editors

    F-105DFully detailed model and textures with aircraft and emblems

    F-105 D

    The F-105 is a twin-engine jet fighter developed by the United States Air Force and manufactured by McDonnell Douglas from 1966 to 1972. It entered service with the United States Air Force in the Vietnam war. It is the last fighter designed by the Douglas Aircraft Company to enter production.



    The F-105 was initially developed as a precision interceptor aircraft for high-altitude interception of enemy bombers. Many aircraft feature swept wings to improve high-speed performance, and can carry fuel tanks on wing-extensions to enable a weapon loading.

    Sixteen F-105D ‘Block 34’ Aardvark-Scorpion-Falcon series tactical strike aircraft were deployed to Vietnam. Block 41 versions, initially named F-105F, were adapted in 1969 to perform ground attack missions and remain in service as the TFX F-105G-25. The Aardvark and Scorpion versions were built with an extensive weapon complement and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capability. In the 1960s, the F-105Ds and Fs, as well as the XF-105 and YF-105, were used extensively by the U.S. Air Force for high-altitude interception of enemy bombers. Starting in August 1967, the F-105D was employed in low-level attacks on enemy airfields, strikes against bridges, troop concentrations, and for the suppression of enemy air defenses.

    The later production variant, ‘Block 54’, have supplemental fuel tanks beneath the aft fuselage. A ‘Hohner’ ramjet engine is installed to enable extended operations. ‘Block 54’ model is still in service as of 2013, a decade after the retirement of the F-105.

    Improved F-105D after the introduction of the ‘Block 54’

    The F-105 entered service in July


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    How to Install

    File Size:

    • [HSV] NF-105D.FSX-ED.boxed
    • [TEX] NF-105D.FSX-ED.part1
    • [TEX] NF-105D.FSX-ED.part2
    • [TEX] NF-105D.FSX-ED.part3
    • [IMG] icon.png


    System Requirements:

    * Internet Explorer 9 or above with a minimum of 512 MB of RAM
    * Windows Vista or higher
    * A graphics card capable of DirectX 10
    * 3D environments using the Oculus Rift
    * 360-degree 3D rotation
    * 3D sound
    * Adjustable Field of View
    * 4×4 display
    * Use your keyboard & mouse to interact with objects
    * Choose music as you play
    * Check out the Internet while you play
    * Play in first-person, third-


    Additional Information

    Name FSX Steam Edition: F-105D Thunderchief Add-On
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.60 / 5 ( 4924 votes )
    Update (4 days ago)


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