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Haxity is a card-based game of cyberpunk skills and tactics, with characters, technology and equipment you can upgrade to win the day. On a tech level, think Mad Max, with tech that can give you an advantage during combat; the weapons are a nod to Blade Runner, as are the competing gangs. Upgrading your character stats and skills gives you a clear path to victory, or if you’re up against it, maybe you can switch sides to outwit your enemies.
You are a member of the Cyberpunk Gang. You are part of an elite team whose job is to neutralize headcrabs. Your job is to hack them from behind. You are given very detailed instructions which help you in order to complete the mission on time. You are skilled hacker and are able to hack headcrabs and extract and accumulate big amount of credits.
The gang you belong is not satisfied with the jobs they are assigned to. There is no way to hack a headcrab and if you do it, the gang finds out and will be upon you. Hacking Headcrabs is not a simple task. Your gang is planning to do something else. You are forced to take the job in order to survive and do not speak of the plan to anyone.
Game Setup:
Haxity is an online multiplayer game. You can play against your friends or any other player that you can find online. There are 9 different levels in which you can play. Each of these levels has its own special set of rules and objectives. You need to complete the mission assigned in the level and get through to the next level. The level objectives are the same as the ones explained above. As long as you are successful in completing the level, you can proceed to the next level and achieve your goal to finish the game. Gameplay:
1. Players take turns playing cards.
2. Each card has a value, points or a skill attached to it.
3. Once a player plays a card, they have to use the card’s skill (they can use any skill on the card).
4. After using the card’s skill, the card is removed from the game.
5. The player that has the most cards (both in value and in total points) at the end of the round is the winner.
6. For Card Hacking Missions, the winning team receives additional credits which they can use to upgrade their characters.
7. For Cyberpunk Missions, the winning


Haxity Features Key:

  • Create your own vega 3 game, ready to launch on the Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Xbox and Macintosh. Play with friends and adapt your game to be played on your tv, an online network or at home on a joystick.
  • Huang has a large creative community. Upload your art and songs to share with the world! New mods are being added to the community faster than you can pollute the kingdom!
  • Already found your stream façade? Creative items such as critters and defenses can be found inside the content platform at version 0.3.0.


Haxity License Key

Rage is a graphic novel inspired cyberpunk card game. Created by Bob McKenzie, the Rage game takes place in the near future and was inspired by cyberpunk literature and cyberpunk film such as Blade Runner. The story is set in the city of Altair on the edge of the cyberphere. Years ago, the city was a hive for cyberpunks, it was a mecca for hacking and technology, but now it’s fallen from grace. The game centers around what it means to be human in a world where hacking is an accepted practice, there are no jobs, and everything is connected.
Rage is a combo based card game that focuses on the elements of gameplay: combat, hacking and discovery of the future. This unique mechanics give the game an adrenaline rush that is unmatched in other games of the genre.
• Intense combat play that rewards multiple plays
• Customizable decks
• Deep pool of cards for custom decks
• Ability to hack and explore the future of altair
• Unlocked new decks as your play to find the most powerful alternate deck
• Unique deck building mechanic that replaces the card pool completely
• Art and Graphic design by Sonya Forbes
• Full walkthrough by Jackson Ryan to get you to the next level
• Pre-alpha version by contributors to the tech crowd to ensure a quality experience
• Player reviewsKing’s Gambit

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Haxity Deck Building Game System:


What’s new in Haxity:

    Haxity, Hah-Sih-Tee, was a Mediterranean pre-Roman culture in the area of coastal Southern Tyrrhenian Italy (Campania, Apulia and Calabria) dated 2,000 BC – 1,000 BC, and generally considered to have been one of the ancestors of the Greeks. Their territory included the Valle dell’Aso and various offshore islands. Inhabitants of Haxity were the ancestors of the early Greeks, who lived in the same area, about 1000 BCE. According to Erich K. Gruen and Randall C. Bailey, the Haxitive culture is the earliest known indigenous population of South Italy with the advanced level of urbanization and architecture, connected with sites in extreme southern Tyrrhenian Italy like Satricum, and Ploaghe in the Gulf of Naples, by a number of economic exchanges in terms of pottery, columbarium vessels, and black and red wares.

    The term “Haxity” was first used by J. J. (Josephus) Tzetzala to describe a tribe of Dacians.


    The Haxites were one of the many peoples who began to settle around the coast of the Bay of Naples in southern Italy, over 2,000 B.C., now known as Magna Graecia, the Greek region of southern Italy. From the same culture area came the first Greeks and Latin invaders of Italy, such as the Etruscans, and the inhabitants of the northern Tyrrhenian coast (Peloponnese peninsula), and north coastal Italy, like the Latins of Messapia.

    The Haxites called themselves a sept of the Graeci Tectones, and lived in the valley of the river Monte Palatino. They found more than a few Greek and Phoenician antiquities of the bronze age. They also share a number of customs and traditions with the Etruscans, Libyans, Iberians, Celts and Gauls. Their name has “Qehi” as a root. They had a Greek dialect, which was not Maecenean, as inscriptions of the 1st century AD attest.

    The Etruscans called them exoecioi (έξοζειοί), or people outside of their continent, since Haxity was not an Etruscan-


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System Requirements For Haxity:

Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7;
Intel Mac mini or Intel Mac with G4 processor;
512 MB RAM;
500 MB free hard disk space;
D-bus card reader.
If you don’t have a D-bus card reader, you can plug a USB keyboard, mouse and speakers into your computer and use the audio player and sound recorder instead.
Instruments : not required.
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