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“You have no choice but to learn Japanese if you want to survive. Learn to read the Chinese characters correctly and you can choose to live in this little world or else!”
What can you do in this little world? This small character-language is supposed to teach you how to read Chinese as fast as possible! In this language you’ll learn the radicals.
When first starting out you’ll learn about 20 characters and in another 150 levels and about 500 enemies there are approximately 2.500 images in the 400 Hiragana to learn.
When you think you are ready to advance a bit further you can even start learning Kanji in order to learn proper Chinese characters.
The game starts very simple, but the challenge will grow with every level.
There is a lot of attention to detail in the graphics:
– pleasant hand-made graphics
– small size
– small sounds
– crisp gameplay
– super colorful and easy to learn and understand
About The Publisher:
The publisher of this title is Xat Mania.
The Publisher of this game is a software company. The publishing company offers for purchase a lot of educational software from various different publishers and developers in various other languages.
The company’s products range from different topics like:
– German
– Chinese
– Spanish
– Polish
– French
– Finnish
– Croatian
– Dutch
– English
– Hungarian
– Latin
– Japanese
– Russian
and many more!
The software is always made by schools and institutions.
Xat Mania means “Greetings to Everyone” in Japanese.
This company’s vision is to create games for all.
This game was created to be very user friendly. The main goal was to make the learning process as easy as possible. A few hours and you have learned to read in Japanese.
The developers have spent a lot of time in making this game and making sure it’s smooth to learn.
All images are stored on a PNG, so they’re very small in size.
Hiragana = “key”
Learn to read in Japanese with the HELP of this game!
Additional info:
This game has no part of any commercial advertising.
Xat Mania games are not available in most stores. They are usually distributed on a non-profit basis.
Always try to support other independent developers.
The use of freeware in the future will increase
as people are afraid to use commercial games for paying.
Our goal is to develop


Features Key:

  • 8 beautiful backgrounds and 10 cute characters of winning and losing.
  • Perfect fighting game with amazing graphics and special effects.


Hiragana POW! Free License Key Download (April-2022)

Fun combat system with limited learning times
No time limits but find a strategy to beat each level
No levels more then 20 levels or a max of 100 levels
About The Developer
Tired of not being able to truly enjoy games? Game developer Salur Baladi has teamed up with to create the ultimate anime-like fun combat system, that brings you a variety of fresh new features not found in other games. With a flair of fantastical games, Hiragana POW! offers a user friendly learning system that will keep you on your toes. You have a limited amount of time to understand the game, without prematurely trying to kill the game. A powerful enemy will challenge you with increasingly difficult Hiragana Transcriptions. Don’t worry the game will not make you crazy, just make you think and enjoy it.
The music used in the game is complimentary from the and game background contains SVSound.
Download the game for free:

what are the best songs for learning hiragana and romaji?
I used to want to learn Japanese (romaji) but the more I tried, the more lost I got…
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Free Japanese Video Lesson – Pronunciation and Hiragana プロレッチャー
Some transcriptions of Japanese kanji can be found here:
This video, like most others you’ll


Hiragana POW! Incl Product Key [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

HiraganaPOW! is an arcade like, Japanese/RPG game with a difference. The game consists of 14 ~ 30 second levels that all feature a different opponent, eye pattern, HP/MP, Hit points/ Mana points and of course, gameplay. All levels require you to use your hiragana knowledge to correctly guess which character/letter the opponent will use next to attack you. The game is easy to pick up, but the gameplay is a bit different because it requires you to figure out the patterns of the opponent’s attack before they do. The game features Hiragana, but you are not limited to it’s use. There are various gameplay challenges that make the game feel like a different game. Various combos and chain attacks allow you to get through the game and make things a bit more challenging than you may think. With a game like this, the more levels you finish, the more skilled you will get at the game.
Hiragana in HiraganaPOW!
Hiragana can be used in a few different ways in the game. The user’s keyboard keys can be used to type the hiragana. If you want to use hiragana to type an individual word, you can do that as well. If you type the hiragana using the keyboard, then you can hold down the ALT key and select from a list of options. You can also type a hiragana by clicking on the hiragana in the hiragana dictionary. This is easy to do. You simply have to make a selection from the list, then click on the hiragana. There are a few differences between the different ways that you can use the hiragana.
Use the HiraganaPOW! Hiragana Dictionary:
There are different methods to get to the Hiragana dictionary. You can press the down arrow key on your keyboard and press the h key to get to the dictionary. Once the dictionary is opened you can then select the word and the hiragana for it from the list. A bit annoying to type in the dictionary, but it is there if you need it. Pressing the h key once on the dictionary will show you a list of all of the hiragana in the game.
Using the keyboard to type the Hiragana:
You can type the Hiragana using the keyboard. To use the keyboard, first you select a hiragana from


What’s new in Hiragana POW!: