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You’re no stranger to the world of H.Y.O. The abandoned islands have kept you alive while you wait out the war. You’ve come to realize that while you’re not home you’re probably the most vulnerable to the wild night skies, an isolated territory of absolutely nothing except the people you keep hidden from the world and surround with a watchful watch.
Each wave of insurgents, drug runners, wildlife, and more, threatens to uproot your next wave of refuge until the world, the next wave, is at risk. The missions, and the people you’re fighting, are all new again. The world is always changing and your ability to prepare for it is a matter of luck, hand placement, and the luck of the roll.
* Single Player: A linear quest with a few non-linear options
* Multiplayer: In development
* Casual and Ranked competitive modes for up to 4 players
* 64 player networked system
* Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
* AI-controlled animals
* 50 custom units based on nations, factions and types of insurgency
* Completely open world with destructible land
* Crews of up to 10 people with multiple rooms for non-player characters. NPCs can join and leave teams
* Crafting: Builds supplies, furniture, houses, and more. Use electricity and mechanics
* Food Cooking: Resource gathering and farming system
* Power and Electricity: Controls for robotics, electrical and mechanical technology
* Food Basics: Requirements, recipes, calories, healing and ammunition
* Recurring wave-based events
* Multiplayer Mission and Survival modes
* Survival is realistic, with realistic play to play changes.
* Players can customize their experience by using mods
* Players have the opportunity to turn off or turn on specific aspects of gameplay
* Weather cycle and animal activity
* Customizable and realistic gameplay, including terrain modifiers, melee, crafting and game mechanics
* Persistent, open world with procedurally generated features
* 100 weapon types; 40 melee, 40 ranged, 20 vehicles
* Equipment types with a total of 150 types
* Exploration through ability points and skill points; specialization
* Tile based terrain
* Caves: locations where outposts and more can be found
* Sandbox system of infinite land: features such as trees and hills that can be built on

Ok, what i have understood it this game is about a character living in an archipelago that is being attacked


Features Key:

  • Bonus Instant Play Mode
  • Online leaderboards
  • HOLD YOUR OWN allows 2 – 4 players to compete against each other using various board games like Hungry, Candyland, Ludo, Candy Land, and many more.

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    When your archipelago is invaded, you and your citizens flee into the forest to seek shelter and protection, your refuge is suddenly infected with a savage alien beast. It is up to you to contain the threat before the city is overrun.
    The gameplay mechanics are based on that of Minecraft, and the game will be fully 3D. You build your homes, roads, temples, and anything else you want, and you may even be able to add non-building items such as weapons and armor. The mechanics and gameplay are intended to be used together in a personal or cooperative way.
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    — Menu Screen –>

    Character Hunger: Character hunger is one of the core mechanics of this game. Your character hunger will eventually regulate your food intake and will otherwise affect your health.

    Thirst: Thirst mechanics are another core mechanic of this game. Your character will begin their training in areas of thirst when the world becomes too arid.

    Body Temperature: Body temperature will be used to determine the amount of damage your character takes from falling temperatures. When the character is unable to maintain their body temperature, it will cause the character to take less damage.

    Infrared: Infrared will be used to register hot & cold areas.

    Blood Sugar/Blood Pressure: Blood sugar and blood pressure will determine the amount of damage the player takes from the environment. Every 30 seconds, the player will take some type of damage depending on the character’s blood sugar/blood pressure.

    Vehicle Hunger: When your vehicle is subjected to high temperatures, it will be subjected to a penalty on movement speed. Similarly, when your vehicle is subjected to extreme cold, the vehicle will have a reduced carrying capacity.

    Hunting: Hunting is another core mechanic in the game. Hunting requires two components to be successful. The first component is to find the prey. Secondly, you must use a weapon that will impact the prey to deal damage.

    Crafting: Craftings will impact the environment. Depending on what quality level your crafting level is, the composition of an object will change. The higher the level, the better the quality.

    Food Cooking Mechanic: Food will be cooked in an oven when it is on. When it is off, it will not be cooked. The longer it is on, the hotter it is.

    Lighting: Lighting will be introduced in the later part of the Early Access, some features may be changed in the future.


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    • Combat: The combat system is completely new and robust! Players can expect many weapons and a large variety of enemies.• Clothing: There are some basic clothing items but customizing will be easy and fun.• Crafting: You can have as many crafting slots as you like. Craftable components are not limited to just weapons and armor. There are many parts for buildings, vehicles, weapons, and vehicles.• Exploration: Each island has many regions and you can choose to explore, gather resources and make your base, or simply wait for enemies to come to you. Each region has a unique ecology and inhabitants. Some may be inhabited and hostile while others may only have animals.• Multiplayer: Multiplayer on dedicated servers for those that want to have a peer to peer experience. There is an arcade mode and the default will be story mode. Arcade mode will be available in the first month.• Survival: Survive and conquer. Without resources and supplies, you’ll have a difficult time. Always be prepared for the worst.##Introduction:** The world of How We Hold Our Own will be set in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll play as one of three races that have found themselves stranded on a forgotten and dangerous island as it slumbers. Each race has some common traits, but each is unique in its own way.The world of How We Hold Our Own is based on a classic SEAD (Special Operation Assault Detachment) campaign. Each game is scripted from a combination of our own experiences with similar small to medium scale campaigns and on a whole new layer of complexity with our own experiences with designing and developing a game with a live server. The initial release for that game is coming this month and we want to expand the world with an MP mode.We are working hard to make the AI robust and fair. The AI can be friendly or hostile. They can be patient or aggressive. As well as hungry, thirsty, and hot or cold, they can be stubborn or well-mannered and kind to your face. If they decide to come after you it’s up to you if they win or lose and how you deal with that.We will be releasing an alpha version by the end of the year so that you can have a chance to see what the game will look like before we launch.It’s all going to be up to you to see what the future holds for you on this island that might be your last.We are also looking to get players into our game early. That is why we have adopted a simple


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    System Requirements For Hold Your Own:

    OS: Windows XP SP2 (SP3)
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0Ghz
    Memory: 1 GB of Ram
    Hard Drive: 1 GB of Hard Drive Space
    Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 6150 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
    Sound Card: Soundblaster 16 or compatible
    Additional Notes:
    1.00 (18.12.2013)