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How to install Eclipse debug without installing org.eclipse.debug, org.eclipse.ui.ide or the SDK?

I am writing a plugin for Eclipse, and I want to integrate it with a JavaFX application that is included in a Java install. The JavaFX version of Eclipse uses the Eclipse install that comes with the OS, not with a separate Eclipse install.
The Eclipse that comes with the OS is simply Eclipse. I would like to install my plugin so that it is available for all users, including the JavaFX users.
I found instructions on how to get Eclipse debug to work with the JavaFX version, but I can’t seem to get them to work with the OS version. I followed these instructions:
It says to start Eclipse, then to use the search and install window to install the EJB Tools:
Window -> Preferences
Go to:
Window -> Installed
Select the checkbox:
Eclipse Java EE Tools
Go to:
Window -> Search
Select the results and Click:

After that, it says to restart Eclipse to finish the installation. But when I restart, instead of getting a fresh Eclipse, it starts to use the JavaFX install from the OS instead of the

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