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Spacetime Rifter is a futuristic arcade game in the distant future.
It is a top-down shooter with a futuristic setting. There are no controls and you are constantly falling. The goal of this game is to clear the screen by shooting all the enemies that come along with you on your fall.
So, catch all the falling space debris, jump over all the obstacles in your way, and shoot every single enemy until they are no more!
If you want to play more Spacegame, there are Spacetime Add-ons coming soon.

Funky Monkeyz is a creative arcade style top-down shmup game (shmup) game where you are on a rocket ship on your way to the moon trying to shoot the UFOs that are chasing you. Missions are set into 3 difficulty levels (easy medium and difficult).
Defeat the UFOs and complete the missions to enjoy the game.
-Arcade Shmup Game Style
-36 Different Maps (Locations)
-3 Difficulty Levels
-Highscores Gameplay
-Can be played in both handheld mode and virtual reality mode
About This Game:
Funky Monkeyz is a game that can be played on a smart device or you could even play it on your TV or TV simulator. The story of Funky Monkeyz is set into a universe where each planet has its own heroes, villains, space rocks, space vehicles, space battles and of course the ultimate mission to save the galaxy.
It also has highscores that you can compare to friends and compare with your own highscores.

Top Gun is the perfect classic shooter game to practice your air combat skills. You have to defend your ship from enemy missiles and collect enemy missiles. You can choose among 9 different enemies. The game is set into 8 different worlds that have also different enemies. You are always being surrounded by missiles, so you have to complete all the challenges to get better.

If you’re looking for the Top Gun classic game, We introduce a simple, easy to play, and fun top down shooter game. The game is easy to play, but you have to practice because it’s a real challenge. The goal of this game is to clear the map with missiles. Every time you shoot a target, you get points, but if you fail you will lose points. The points you gain is based on how many targets you have survived and cleared.
After you clear all the targets, the Missile map will be cleared


Download Setup + Crack ····· DOWNLOAD

Download Setup + Crack ····· DOWNLOAD

Potentia Features Key:

  • hundreds of levels
  • platform game
  • action-based enemies
  • dynamic puzzles
  • extensive levels for professionals and amateurs
  • advanced level editor
  • play an animal
  • game designed to be played with a mouse
  • more than 100 animals
  • over 30 different skills


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Roopit and Boopit is a local Co-Op combat game.
Full of Charm, Character, and a Cartoony overtone!
Roopit, the red player, has a bow and arrow.
He can shoot in horizontal and vertical directions for the length of the level.
Boopit, the blue player, has a sword and shield.
He can block projectiles while not attacking and his attack swings in an arch, meaning he can hit diagonals as well.
The difference between the two players’ abilities creates a need for them to work together in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.
There are 5 unique worlds of 10 levels, featuring a boss fight at the end of each of them!
Don’t have someone to play with? No problem!
The game is completely playable solo, there is even an option to control both character’s twin-stick style.
Game Features:
+ 5 unique worlds of 10 levels
+ Co-Op and Solo play, both can control both character’s twin-stick style and can be played in split screen or next to each other.
+ High quality art
+ Loads of CG BGM
+ Leaderboards to show people how you’re performing
+ Simple yet tight controls
+ Bonus levels after each of the 5 worlds
+ Boss fights on the 5th world!
+ Free-to-play. No IAPs.
Get it Today!

김유지의 영상 스키박스 [2.0]

You can find me on

Killswitch | Hell Yeah! Minecraft | Episode 9 – Discord Details

Several days passed since the final showdown between Riley and the Witch. The villagers had been cleared out, the corrupted


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Procedurally Generated Universe Dozens of galaxies, each containing at least four habitable planets that each have their own unique characteristics, themes and local lore. Travel from planet to planet, collect ore, build upgrades, fight and run from bounty hunters and much more.Deep Combat System Hundreds of ship, weapon and station types that are all available to be built and upgraded.3 Different Star System Types, each with their own unique planets and local atmosphere, and customisation system.16 Missions per mission type to run through.4 Campaigns to play through on multiple difficulty settings that range from building the next generation of rebel base, through building up a small business empire to holding off a Terran “Black Legion” invasion fleet.An in-game Radio This in game radio system allows you to choose from a variety of DJ’s and feature guests from the in-game space news. New types of stations are unlocked as you level up.Trading System You build up a cargo list, or choose to do nothing and let your ship run low on fuel. Once your ship has collected a list of items on the delivery list, you can set a price for your items and make a deal with your potential client. Every ship has a fixed cargo capacity, so it’s important to calculate the cost/benefit ratio for each deal.The Crucible All battles will be listed in the galaxy map, with each match having an unique star system. A match begins when a match banner is displayed in the galaxy map. Each match starts with a pre-game lobby, where you choose your ship. When you land, you can choose to dock your ship, and teleport to your players ship, or engage the other players ship in single player combat. The combat is turn based and you can move your ship around as you see fit. Once the pre-game countdown timer is complete, the match begins. The ships fly around in the galaxy and occasionally their paths cross. If they do, both ships fly straight into each other, colliding into a state of mass and energy. Sometimes the resulting explosion is big enough to cause collateral damage, reducing the amount of ore the player collects. The match concludes with a post game lobby where the remaining players can dock their ships. Any ore collected is given to all the players based on percentage.
The Macrabbit – xchip

I’m also a huge Macrabbit fan. Saw them perform live in Christchurch in


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