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Dragon’s Crown is a 3D adventure game developed by Vancouver-based developer Q-Games and follows the exploits of a young man and his adventures in an alternate realm where monsters and dragons roam freely.
Key Game Features:
– Innovative gameplay that mixes the expected point and click adventure gameplay with unique challenges such as massive bosses and traversal puzzles
– Over 40 hours of game content
– Exquisitely rendered world
– Classic point and click in 3D
– Gorgeous, hand-painted chibis
– A deep and intricate plot, non-linear gameplay, and customizable character
– High-quality voice acting
– Original music by renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto
Dragon’s Crown is a classic adventure game with a new twist.
Keywords: adventure, point-and-click, blockbuster

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From the same team that brought you the award-winning Myst franchise and Trilithon, Amanita Design brings you Dragon’s Crown, an action-RPG that puts players at the helm of one of the strongest warriors in an epic fantasy world overrun by monsters and dragons. Embark on a quest for revenge and the opportunity to claim the crown of the kingdom of Vanheim, which has been stolen by an evil witch and her undead army. Featuring a diverse cast of intriguing characters, beautiful hand-painted artwork, and a deep and intricate story, Dragon’s Crown is an unforgettable adventure that combines the classic point-and-click puzzle gameplay with a thrilling action twist.
Key Game Features:

Point-and-Click: The classic puzzle game adapted to the action genre. Players will rely on logic to solve puzzles and move forward, from opening locked doors to solving puzzles in the environment.

Action-RPG: Controls are in your hands! Use the touch screen and buttons to move the camera and your character, perform special actions, and collect items to build a powerful arsenal.

Skilltree: Build your character by acquiring items in the game world and learn powerful skills to help defeat monsters and survive.

Original Score: Beautifully composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, one of the world’s top composers, who has worked on games such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X.

Android and iOs versions: Point-and-click adventure is an amazing experience on mobile! Explore fantastic worlds with the touch of a finger.

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Features Key:

  • Extremely High FPS– If you have an old computer, you can try the new game with its low-quality graphics and Maximum detail. At the same time, the game will run quite smoothly on the fastest CPU as possible on modern computers.
  • RTS Complexity– You can play with tons of units. Command a cavalry, a tank, a freighter, a nun. You may even combine them to make an invincible force.
  • Detailed RTS Mechanics– Lots of little details of this sci-fi real-time strategy are hidden. A crosshair shows the current position and defines the battle area. A minimap shows ranks and income on the map. Units have a separate AI and can make use of advantages given by combat style.
  • Unique Engineering System– Every unit is different, and each player is able to customize his army with different units.
  • Deep game play– Play by yourself or with friends with game modes such as classic vs friendly, AI vs AI, terrorist vs terrorist. Go on a raid, make use of the numerous technologies that you find. Challenge the friends by running the single player-gauntlet with a moderate computer game.
  • Multiple Single Player game modes– There are single player missions for each race. But most astonishing is the Time Attack Mode that allows you to set yourself a goal and reach it as fast as possible.

    Other game modes can be played with mouse and keyboard, with a gamepad or even without a keyboard and with a traditional gamepad. Simulation of the 3 styled gaming mice and detection of the Trackman IR game pad is not necessary.


Samorost 3 Free

Samorost 3 Free Download is the third installment of the classic adventure series from Amanita Design. The game takes place over a series of snowy months in the Amityville complex, where Sam and the other residents of the town have to figure out what has happened to the town’s inhabitants. The game features a gorgeous and unique hand-drawn cartoon animation style, a wide variety of puzzles and open-ended gameplay. Samorost 3 Crack For Windows is a new chapter in the adventures of Sam, the peculiar mouse-like protagonist.
About The Gameplay
Samorost 3 2022 Crack features a wonderfully open, nonlinear style of gameplay, with a large degree of freedom. You will spend the entire game traveling across Amityville to areas of the large, multi-storied complex that are yet untouched. In each of the game’s 21 unique locations, you will see and interact with a large variety of objects, as well as see several open endings, based on your actions.
About The Game Looks
Samorost 3 Free Download is a highly interactive, hyper-detailed environment. The entire game takes place in a massive, enormous, open world, set in a cartoonish universe. You will explore an entire town and its various buildings and locations and navigate the game’s locations in a variety of ways.
About The Game Samorost 3 comes in a double CD set. This release includes the full game, plus an extra disc filled with content of the game’s world and a variety of optional items.
Key Game Features:
* Deliciously Artistic Visual Style
* Inventive Puzzles and a Quest of Epic Proportions
* Non-linear Gameplay with multiple endings
* Unlockable Story Characters
* Rich, Avatar-Shaped Endings
* All DLC Content Available Free of Charge

Can’t decide whether to buy this or Notch’s new game? Here’s a short review of them both.
Ethan made a misleading comparison between the two since the less content a game has, the more it’ll cost you.
“Oculus”, on the other hand, can be downloaded for $300 from its website, while Notch’s new game has been confirmed to cost $30.
My first reaction after I read that the game would be free was to rush to the latter.
But don’t bother, because Oculus will make the game a lot more accessible, thanks to it’s focus on a story and character-driven experience.
Notch’s game would be for very hardcore gamers, and an unfor


Samorost 3 [Win/Mac]

Sliding around for many hours helped to develop my dexterity and the reaction to new geometry. I can’t imagine a more pleasant or rewarding experience.Kill Screen:
The script and atmosphere will have people talking about this for years. If you’ve ever wanted to play “The Secret of Monkey Island” or you want to try something totally new, then this is the one to get.
Game “Samorost 3” Story:
Another gem in the vein of “Knee Deep in the Beast”.PodcastGamer
Amazing new adventure game, with a brilliant script, smart puzzles, an intriguing story.Samorost 3 is a game that breaks new ground, and perfectly demonstrates why Amanita Design is so loved for creating adventure games in the first
An awesome game, very well thought out and executed. A game to touch you deeply and bring tears to your eyes.Samorost 3 is one of the most unique and engaging adventure games I’ve ever played.
Game “Samorost 3” Style:
Stunning art, brilliant puzzles. Kill Screen P&C gameplaySamorost 3 is pure genius! Kotaku
I want to tell you that Samorost 3 is the most singular and visionary game to come along in this medium in the last twenty years, but it’s also one of the most human and real. But it’s probably the best, because it’s probably all the things at once.
The best:
– Gameplay in the series so far
– Beautiful graphics
– Extremely satisfying end
– An almost complete story. Now it’s just bringing back memories
Samorost 3 is right on the border of brilliance and stupidity, but it’s most definitely genius.Big Ass Game Blog
I would compare this to a ripoff of “Loved” by Osmose, but I feel like that’s a kind of ripoff of “Kokopelli”.


I’ve played Samorost 2, Samorost 3 and each time I enjoyed the experience to a much larger degree than my previous adventure game experience.

You know you’ve got a good game when you spend several hours pressing buttons in a row, because the game rewards you for doing so.

You will travel deep into the earth’s surface and see many different things.

The 4 songs of “Samorost 3” (by Markus) are stunning and inspiring.


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