In Mystic Diary: Lost Brother, you take on the role of a Victorian-era magician on a noble quest to find his lost brother. You will navigate the first person perspective through the various settings of the game. In the beginning of the game, your brother goes missing while on vacation. You must search the lands for clues to your brother’s whereabouts. Along the way, you can unlock fun mini puzzles. Save your brother and become a master of the Mystic Diary! A magical mystery with fun twists, rich hidden object scenes, and a fun adventure!
Key Features:
– Travel the world in the mystical notebook and find hidden objects
– Challenge mini puzzles along the way
– Unlock fun mini puzzles to help in your journey
– Protect the Mystic Diary from clever burglars in the Mystic Tomb
– Solve an impressive Enigmatic Mirror Maze puzzle
– Browse the magical world of Victorian Britain through the written pages of the Mystic Diary

Version 1.17:

Version 1.16:

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I am now working on a brand new exciting adventurous point and click adventure game, so keep an eye out for a new treasure hunt and mystery in the near future!

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      Manages the player’s stamina – Ability to sprint – Combat, loot, and level up enemies. This is an essential gameplay mechanic. Some base run speed is recommended, as the walking rate will scale to fit.4/5 Manages the player’s stamina – Ability to sprint – Combat, loot, and level up enemies. This is an essential gameplay mechanic. Some base run speed is recommended, as the walking rate will scale to fit.9 The Professor BrainLove this game. It’s a really fun game. Took me like 2 days to beat the first game, then I lost interest in it (see game breaking bug). Then it got re-released for free with a ton of content and I’m all over it again.2.5 The Professor BrainSummertime Summer-time-a-g0Day-1-snowday-a-g0Keep hitting jump, just jump,and jump, and just jump
      Jack-n-jack: Evil red battle robot that you will be fighting to win the battle and take over the world. Strong and great and lots of weapons and traps… you can’t escape from. Also a little funny.4.5 The Professor BrainJack-n-jack: Evil red battle robot that you will be fighting to win the battle and take over the world. Strong and great and lots of weapons and traps… you can’t escape from. Also a little funny.4.5 The Professor Brain
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    Symfony2: Entity property available as method from service

    Using Symfony 2.8.10 with Doctrine.
    I have an entity (e.g. User) which has a property that is designed to be used by a service. For example,
    export const getLastLogin = User::getLastLogin(entityId);

    export const getLastLoginId = User::getLastLoginId(entityId);

    When calling the protected method that defines those two properties from the service, I get the error:
    “Call to undefined method User::getLastLoginId()”
    I would like to avoid exposing the entity model to services etc., and to avoid using a custom property type. Is there a way around this?


    As @victor-ivezic suggested in comments, I already realized that protected methods are required. Using undocumented properties is a bit of a dirty hack, but seems to be the only way to make this work, so I will accept that as a correct answer.

    Satellite-Based Monitoring of Ocular Trauma Management in the West African Sub-Region Using Adapted Prehospital Injury Severity Scoring Compared with a Hospital-Based Injury Severity Score.
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