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Wild west survival game set in mysterious and dangerous forest!
Main Features:
* Gun crafting system
* Crossbow crafting system
* Skills crafting system
* Equipment crafting system
* Construction systems
* Animals furs
* Research quests
* Mysteries of the world
This game is a severe simulator of survival, where players have to deal with nature and fauna survival. Do not play the game if you are not ready to discover the dark side of nature!

How many people have a dream of a zombie apocalypse? How do you survive it? 1 player can take part in the adventurous and gripping zombie survival game. Zombies, adventurers, survival against the terrifying horde of human zombies. Imagine this nightmare in “Zombie Frenzy” game – survive and destroy all the skeletons until they fall into oblivion. Pick up weapons, use ammo and survive in this impressive game by beatiful in graphics.
– P – Parry
– SPACE – Jump
– F – Fire
– T – Talk
– Z – Zoom
– X – Aim
– A – Action
– S – Switch weapon
1. When the enemy will have attack you, the cursor must be on top of their head
2. You can pick up the weapon from the floor, you will be able to use it for the next 5 minutes
3. If you want to take a bow, you can point your cursor at a target and shoot it
4. To open the inventory, press F9

During school holidays, the children who are looking for fun in the water and to get cool, we will be taking part in various games to earn points and get prizes.
The games are:
Populartiy games
Math and Science
Treasure hunt
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All you need to do to have more fun:
Earn as many points as possible
Compete with other players
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The Frost Rebirth Features Key:

  • All keys
  • All game servers (Kupu, steam)
  • All Modes, maps and …


The Frost Rebirth Activator

– is a survival RPG game, played in the mountains of ice.
– You play as a new explorer, who has come to the outskirts of the forest.
– You need to survive in the cold. Become harder and colder enemies is a true threat.
– There are many secrets and hidden items. It may be useful to you.
– Now you need to get out of this ice (frozen) trap.
– Main game contains 70 levels
– Survival hunting, to create or find rare parts of the world (e.g. animal skins, plants, new materials)
– The game contains a huge world with many secrets and hidden items.
– Follow the main story or also create new custom levels in the game (to make puzzle and collision)
– You need to collect food and water
– You need to survive in the cold. Make fire and protect yourself from ferocious beasts in the forest.
– Explore the area. You can find many items.
– Use and craft a new weapon, armor and gems.
– Customize your weapon and armor
– Protect yourself
– Find rare parts of the world
– Create your own levels and adventures in the game
– Have fun while surviving in the wild.
– Use hints and tips to survive.
What you will get with the application:
– Latest version of the game
– Free
Contact Us:
– Android version:
– iOS version:
– If you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports, you can contact us at: [email protected]describe(‘Vercel Directive – input.checkbox’, () => {
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The Frost Rebirth (LifeTime) Activation Code Download PC/Windows

You need to get out of the mountains quickly. This will help you avoid death.
To do this, you need to look for food and water. The higher the mountains, the more difficult will be. You need to find a cave where you can survive and find shelter.
Try to find out where the nearest settlement is. To help, you can look for notes and objects and help you survive.
The game is divided into missions and episodes. In each episode, you need to find items that will help you complete the mission.
Episode 1-1 When you finish the first episode, you’ll have to leave the mountains for sure.

ControlsGame “The Frost Rebirth” Features:
Great atmospheric music
Fast-paced 3D graphics
60 levels with four different modifiers
Clear instructions on the screen
Difficult and bright gameplay
Unique gameplay format with stages, missions, and episodes
Plenty of RPG elements

Game “The Frost Rebirth”
You’ll find yourself in a completely different world. You have no idea what happened. But one thing is sure: no one lived in these mountains until recently. And the game begins. In this area, the main task is survival. You need to look for food, weapons, equipment, build shelters and look for other signs that will help you survive.
In the game, you’ll find a forest, three types of creatures, various plants, trees and rocks. It will help you survive and get out of this ice trap. But you need to be attentive to details and look for all details. They will help you get out of this ice trap.

GameplayYou’re trying to survive in the wild
Explore the world
Crafting and building
Survive with friends

Game “The Frost Rebirth”
In the game, you’ll find a forest, trees, rocks, creatures, and life-saving equipment. You need to survive in this world. But you need to look for all the signs that will help you find food, shelter and equipment. In addition, you need to look for secret objects. To help you survive, you can see objects that will help you survive.
Explore the world
Hunt for loot
Crafting and building
The game is divided into episodes and missions. To complete the missions, you have to find items and tips that will help you survive. You can use such resources as nuts, fish, berries, seeds, herbs and plants.


What’s new in The Frost Rebirth:

Wiki is used to help people learn more about the Frost Reisae (斷神將).[1] The Frost Reisae gains attributes from both the original Transmutation Oracle and the Simplicity Transmutation Tower[2].

Everyone in the area of the Frost Reisae after Rui-Rui’s plane became unstable merged together. Later, the Tengu Ancestor Medallion was made to let all the areas merge into one. The contents of the medallion can be used to merge again to resolve the Rui-Rui’s plane situation.

The Frost Reisae, known as the Frost Immortals, were the subordinates of Transmutation Oracle Yuuki Rui and assisted him with his skills, causing him to be blamed for creating the Tengu Ancestor Medallion. However, Rui was not really responsible for the creation of the Tengu Ancestor Medallion, but he accepted the blame and became a savior to help Yuuki protect the world, maintaining the Frost Immortals to steal the power of the Frost Reisae[3]. However, after the Frost Reisae was able to ascend, they no longer felt the need to protect the world and became removed from the Frost Reisae’s favor.


Unlike what the Tengu Ancestor Medallion truly revealed, the Frost Reisae only refer to their distorted and legendary past, not actually knowing the truth about the Tengu Ancestor Medallion.[5]

The Frost Reisae is said to have originated from an undisturbed primal power consumed by the original Transmutation Oracle. However, they are actually gigantic top-secret beings that were born to the Dark Continent at the beginning, who were born from a deep form of soul energy.[6] Although they are born from a dark energy, they are also deeply loyal to the original Transmutation Oracle.[7] Because of their severe power, the original Transmutation Oracle created the Frost Immortals to catch them to not inadvertently harm the world. Although the original Transmutation Oracle cares deeply for them, the Frost Immortals cannot return his affection. They are insanely loyal to him, even willing to sacrifice their own lives so he can remain happy.[3] The reasons they don’t like other people is because they always follow Yuuki Rui and treat him like a god, instead of the lower-ranked persons.

The Frost Reisae is said to have nine parts, which are


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System Requirements:

OS: Win XP SP3, Win Vista SP2, Win 7, Win 8, Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5/i7, 2.4GHz (or above)
VGA: 1024×768 or higher
DirectX: 9.0c
HDD: 2GB or more
Additional Notes:
1. The game requires 64bit OS and CPU.
2. There is no requirement for GPU.
3. There are some graphical settings that you may