Name The Waste Land
Publisher petthand
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A collection of balls and puzzles whose objective is to pass through the windows of the house and get to the final goal. Each room can be equipped with obstacles, such as grates or traps, to help you in your task. Give them some practice and you’ll be able to figure out the whole home and get to the top of the house. Explore rooms to find clues on the window of the next level and share your time with your friends!
Gem-like quality with colorful graphics and amazing animations
5 different difficulties to choose from (easy, normal, hard, easy-hard and party)
Two types of puzzles – objects to find and solve and pipes and puzzles
Play with your friends on the same device
Indoor map with a detailed explanation
Trivia and achievements
Saving progress for the next session
Requires constant Internet connection
Requires Wi-Fi connectivity for Steam achievements

Do you have what it takes to be the best? Are you ready to move on from the starter level to the real competitive pool? Are you prepared to face all the obstacles that await you on the way to the top of this dizzy game? If you are not, then this game is going to challenge you and keep you busy for hours. Your ultimate goal is to be the absolute champion of this arcade game. The game has an attractive price tag at 0.99$.

Developer: The Game’s House
What’s New:
►We’ve just released a new version of the game. Take a look!

About This Game:
You are an angry red ball that wants to crash into everything that gets in its way. Crash your way through each puzzle to reach the goal, by using tiles from the board. Avoid touchy puzzles and other balls. Avoid the liquid and the puzzles that kill you. Prepare yourself to crash through the walls of puzzles and stay alive until the end. The game has four world environments and a total of 55 puzzles. Play it alone, with your friends on the same device or on the local network. It’s also suitable for kids and adults.

Have you ever thought of a little project in your spare time to earn some extra income? How about working and living together in a small house and making a living out of it, without a boss?
The house of friends brings you into a little village of small houses where you can rent rooms to other people. You will have to clean them, cook for your visitors, and take care of


Features Key:

  • intuitive controls to strum notes
  • 5 varied instrument sets to play from electric guitar, acoustic, ukelele, harmonica and (maybe) a voice
  • 3 different tunings for ultra sharp intervals, traditional and baroque


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It’s a post-apocalyptic world ruled by the drunken tyrant Manos. He stole all the world’s resources, and now has invented a mind-controlling machine. Once the test was a success, he started overusing it to control the citizens and, as a result, people turned into zombies. For some reason, there are no zombies in the land where the machine was once tested. It’s a land called Heretic. You are a programmer, who gets summoned to heretic to find out what’s going on. There are rumors of a key called “The Waste Land”. You find it, but the key is destroyed, and you fly off into the unknown.
Key Features
• Unique immersive gameplay elements
• Storybook based narrative with multiple endings
• Real-time storytelling with fully animated cinematics
• Fully voiced characters
• Systemic game design makes for a really varied experience
• More than 50+ hours of gameplay
• Explore the realm of Heretic – a land where a new zombie apocalypse has occurred
• Character rotations enabled, very much like classic Playstation horror games


Redstone is the ability to create custom functions by using blocks. It may seem completely pointless to some people, however it allows players to do all sorts of fun things like lights, doors, traps, safes, and even players could use this to allow them to use their blocks to their advantage and create an alternate reality.
Redstone uses an on/off system, where a redstone component is either on or off. Redstone components require a power source to operate and as a result do not stay on constantly, they must be powered on. The exception to this is the all redstone wire, which is powered by redstone power as well. Redstone components can be connected to each other, and they each have a level which can be distinguished by the size of the connecting line.
Redstone components can be connected in various ways. The two most commonly used ways are wires and pistons. Redstone can be combined in “machines” to perform a predetermined function. Redstone power can be used for more complicated operations, and elements can be redstone powered so that it functions as a switch.


Player-Maker is a No Man’s Sky clone in which the goal is to create and expand your own civilization. Player-Maker is built in HTML5, which means that it can be played on any device that has


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DOOM THE BATTLE AGAINST DEATH!Save the Day in this Action Adventure game!Fight back! The devil has returned. Now he’s after you! Your quest starts in the Capital city, where you can find a bunch of demons, waiting for you to exterminate. Use all your skills, wit and power to defeat them!Power ups and boosters! Try them all! Buy upgrades for your weapons and items!You will collect new abilities to choose from. Earn money by completing challenges or by killing enemies. It’s up to you how you spend them. You’re free to go to the third dimension, exploring a new dungeon. If you like epic adventures, this is the game for you!
Key Features:- Play as one of three heroes- Incredible graphics- Voice acting in English, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish- Three game worlds with a lot of gameplay- Hordes of evil enemies to fight, just waiting for you!- Unique dark and spooky atmosphere- Special power ups- Achievements and leaderboards
Extremely realistic reproduction of the Doom universe where you have to fight against all the stuff that stands in your way. This is more than just a run-and-gun game. You will have to be careful every step you take and make the right moves, especially when facing bosses. You won’t feel as if you are inside a video game, but rather you will be there in real life.
Early on, you will realize the necessity to be careful. Enemies will try to shoot you, they will try to cast spells at you or blast your feet with acid. It can be quite frustrating at times. But we don’t want you to get angry. There are no unnecessary barriers. You have to work your way through them, get to the end and fight all the monsters at once to destroy the wicked daemon.
With your adventuring party you can go for massive mayhem, through a series of intense boss fights to the main object of your quest. The ultimate goal is to come up with a good plan and reach the boss’ lair.
To help you out in the fight, you can pick any of the game’s many weapons, including the chaingun, rocket launcher, machine gun and grenade launcher. The inventory will keep track of all your items. Then you can send in the four team members to accompany you and complete your mission. Each character


What’s new: