Name Vulture Island
Publisher eiriayda
Format File
Rating 4.33 / 5 ( 632 votes )
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You are Ripley, a virtual-reality explorer searching for your missing brother, James. You’ll need to sneak through forgotten dungeons, solve tricky puzzles, and make your way back home – but you’re not the only one searching. There are monsters, traps, and huge, dangerous robots.
Ripley’s first game, Impossible Objects, was one of our biggest successes yet. Impossible Objects is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android too!
– Play as Ripley, the protagonist of Impossible Objects.
– Sneak past traps, solve puzzles, and explore ancient ruins.
– Solve puzzles by finding hidden hatches and manipulating elevators.
– Discover secret areas and escape death by trying crazy stuff!
– Powerful, intimidating aliens, giant robotic enemies, and more!
– Unique, retro graphics created entirely from scratch
Can you get home in one piece?
(As an added bonus for Impossible Objects players, the Impossible Objects sequel is available from the App Store now.)

Never worry about upgrading again!

Turn on the TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android and use the included Chromecast.

Don’t worry about buying a new display. Use any TV you already have.

If your TV has Google Cast built-in, you can play Impossible Objects on your TV!
How to play Impossible Objects:
1.Download this app from the App Store, or Google Play.
2.Tap the big green plus to start the game.
3.In the game, tap the hatches around you.
4.To solve the puzzles, you must figure out how to manipulate objects in the environment to find the locations of the hatches.
5.Good luck!
6.You can change things around while you play. After you win, you’ll get a notification to send your score to your Facebook page.
If you find this game is too easy for you, you can also download the Impossible Objects Lite version.
“A retro platformer with both charm and challenge”
Pocket Gamer
“Best New Apps for October 2016”
“Game of the Week”
About This Game:

You are Ripley, a virtual-reality explorer searching for your missing brother, James. You’ll need to sneak through forgotten


Vulture Island Features Key:

  • Players can choose to be a Runner of Guanxi, or get greedy trying to rule the island.
  • Guanxi is a winning strategy game in which players can dedicate their resources to influence the decisions of their opponents, all over a simple and rewarding board.
  • There is no winning strategy – the game is designed to be played according to your personality and individual preferences.
  • A simple, fun game where the ultimate power resides in the player’s mind.