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_In_opt_ const GUID& DeviceInterfaceGUID,
_In_opt_ const GUID& InterfaceGUID,
_In_opt_ const LARGE_INTEGER& RecoveryDevicePath,
_Outptr_result_maybenull_ GUID* Port,
_In_opt_ HANDLE TerminalEvent,
_In_ const GUID* DevicesToDisable,
_In_ uint32_t DevicesToDisableCount,
_In_ const LARGE_INTEGER* Timeout,
_In_opt_ PREFERRED_DEVICE_TYPE PreferredType,
_In_opt_ const LARGE_INTEGER* MaximumWait,
_In_opt_ const GUID* DeviceTypeGuid

// Gets the port number associated with the session device object.

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catia v5 6r2013

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