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The aircraft and helicopters were the most common types of craft in the air war in Vaucluse, as the RAF continued to carry out the policy of tactical bombing and had ordered 30 of the Supermarine Aircraft Company’s fighters to RAF Catterick. The RAF’s attack was a deliberate attempt to soften up the German air defences in Vaucluse. After the bombing, Operation Recovery went ahead, and Vaucluse fell to the New Zealand 17th Division.

Cited as: “open season on the Italian city of Savona” by Gavin R.

Councils was announced by the Royal Air Force in the night of November 27–28, 1942, to attack military and industrial targets and to soften up the enemy’s resistance. The primary targets were Savona, Turin and Milan, and the attacks were made in several waves between 2200 and 2400 hours. The first wave’s attack was preceded by a short interval of marking the city. Airdrops, usually consisting of incendiary bombs, were delivered, and batteries of artillery were also used. The main target was the Libeccio Yards in Savona, which produced the majority of the city’s chemical weapons. At the same time the electrical power stations at Imperia and Villanova were also attacked, as well as the Palazzo Marino. Bombing was concentrated on buildings and operations carried out by the 6th Air Transport Wing. The 49th Wing was assigned to the attack on Milan. The first wave’s targets were the Libyan-owned satellite city of Sesto Calende and its airport. The bombing was so devastating that more than 70% of the city’s houses were destroyed, while the airport was damaged and some 20 airplanes were destroyed.

During the night of November 27–28, 1942, several Luftwaffe squadrons were based in Prosecco, ready to intercept the bomber groups of the Raid. The first group, led by Major Werner Freiherr von und zu Gilsa, who flew with 48 Ju 88s, was intercepted by 10 RAF bombers and one fighter force from No.

249 and took off from Caserma Bologna near


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