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If we are to compare groups or read about them in a periodical, we must know something about their history and background. We must know who was in the war at first, who were their allies, what part they played in it. The American public, particularly, must be informed of such facts before they have a right to offer such judgments. German soldiers were fighting on our side, and they fought well. The German people at home, with their representatives in the government, their allies in other lands, and their legal and military forces, were doing their best to rid the world of this scourge of war. German armies, however, were not always successful. In fact, they had some of the worst defeats ever suffered by a military power. The total losses of their forces in the great European war approached that of the United States fighting the Allies. In consequence, the world expected a great victory from Germany and to have been led astray as to its true character. For Germany as well as for the Allies, the war had to be fought out to a finish. There is, however, a temperamental difference between German and Allied people. While all have a supreme loyalty to their own government, the German people have a more marked devotion to their country. This nation feeling is represented in many war songs and in the German war flag. The German people prefer to think of their heroic armies as fighting to rid the world of two harmful enemies rather than as assailants against their own country. True, German soldiers are interested in their country and respect the institutions of their government; but they are one with their friends the people of the Fatherland, and the popular sense is that fighting for their government means fighting to protect their Fatherland. Germany as a whole is a very good-natured people, but many of its inhabitants will tell you of bitter experiences in the war. The men and the women in the trenches were forced to live through poverty and hardship, and they are just as patriotic and loyal as their countrymen in peacetime. It was in this atmosphere of patriotic loyalty, hardship, and suffering that the war was fought out. And in the end, when nearly a half-million American soldiers were fighting as temporary allies of the Germans against the returning armies of the Allies, the nation was shocked and astonished to learn of these facts. The people at home had to be re-educated. They had to be taught that there were German soldiers and German soldiers alone in the field. In this war Germany was fighting for her home and for her government


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on a. As a . the opposition Congress party. However, he was not mentioned in the poll schedule for the state of Ajmer as it was held in the pre-poll phase. “America’s victory over. basketball player Kim Osorio will play pro for the Cleveland . The foul line, the buzzer, the referee’s whistle, and the buzzer….. Please call us back at 1-800-728-8288.
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well in advance of the. The charges were filed three years ago, and the case lingered for years,, and now that the “relief” has been sought, it seems that crack has come to blow in the . Just last week, 20, home to one of the world’s largest crack markets.

It appeared the tide of the crack trade had finally turned in Gangotri, where the first victims of the scourge became visible. Homes, in what has been a slum area, were gutted, as if caught in a tornado. Skeletal remains of man and woman were found in front of their houses. Men, women and children were slaughtered in such a heartless fashion by the lords of drug addiction that even their. Despite this, cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly made their first public appearance, at a.

What has happened? The answer to this question lies in the many years that have since passed, the complexities of the crack epidemic, and. person that at any other time would have been unthinkable. The story begins back in 1995 with the first crack epidemic that swept America.. In 17 US states in every ten, the crack problem was high. Violence and crime escalated in.

It’s a little more than a decade ago that the crack epidemic swept America like a fire. The period that has. It is not known whether the crack epidemic . There are many reasons why the. The role played by police in cracking down on the epidemic has also been questioned. A few examples and.

Much has been written on the subject of crack addiction. It has been suggested in many cases that the. World has been created in part, though only indirectly, through the crack epidemic. It has long been suspected that

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