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Why is this value coming up as empty? What could be causing this? I’m assuming it’s not a memory issue due to the value showing as being empty.


The reason that is coming up empty is because you are casting it as an integer. You need to cast it as a string. Cast like so:
string wordKey = (string)key;

The reason the (string)value is here is because you are casting the GetEnumerator (which you most likely don’t need in this situation) to an int. This is the reason you are getting an empty string.
Because the reason you are casting it as an integer is that you are probably trying to read in the int and expecting it to hold the text key, this is why it is empty.

After a busy day shooting, jet-setting around the world to see a live performance, and then catching a late night flight out to support her friend’s new music, Nicole ‘Darkchild’ Curran has spent a long day. Today, she would finally get the chance to unwind with the other members of her band, Afterglow, at the legendary Hotel Intercontinental in Austin, TX. When I asked her if there was anything different about today, she told me to take it all in.

“I don’t remember why I have a heightened sense of awareness today,” she said, before lighting a cigarette and placing it in the ashtray as she laid down in the hotel bed. When asked if she had enough time to get into her underwear, she turned to me and responded: “I’m in my underwear if you want to check.” To see the rest of what she had to say about the rest of her day, you can view the video interview above.Q:

Python encodings ascii and utf-8 error decoding

I’ve got a problem. I tried to use the original script I had on a different server, but seems I can’t get it work in this new system, though the encoding seem to be OK.
Here is the script:
import numpy as np
import datetime
import urllib.request, urllib.parse
from numpy.random import seed
from scipy.optimize import fmin_powell

cap = np.loadtxt(‘

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Horacio Ricardo Pazos (June 27, 1902 – August 24, 1972) was an American diplomat. He was born in Huajuapan de León, Mexico.


Pazos, Horacio Ricardo
Pazos, Horacio Ricardo
Pazos, Horacio Ricardo
Category:People from Mexico City
Category:United States Foreign Service personnel
Category:People from Huajuapan de León, MexicoQ:

How can I verify that an alternate stack was active?

How can I verify that an alternate stack was active? Or more generally, is there any way to tell if my Windows stack was switched to another stack? Is there any way to perform a memtest on my main stack?
I run the default Windows 7 installer on my (new) PC. I haven’t reinstalled it. I haven’t opened it’s Event Viewer.


You could try looking in the /var/log/winlog.txt file. You should see something like the following:
A fatal fault occurred in the kernel mode interrupt handler, either:
– an application-specific fault – located in the stack of a user-mode driver.
– a system-specific hardware error
– a bug in the operating system.

The first two possible locations are “more likely” the case for a hardware malfunction. The third can be due to any number of things, from the OS itself to being in one of the stack segments. It

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