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How to link to a linked (via AJAX) PHP code to a form?


What is happening is that when you submit a form through AJAX, you are submitting the form, but you are not posting the values back to the PHP script. When a form is submitted, it is posted back to the server, with the information in the $_POST array. For an AJAX request, you must submit data to the server yourself through the JavaScript function send(), and then you can loop through $_POST to obtain the data from the request.

“Report finished”,
“sort of bypassed”);
if (it->type == MeasurementPoint::SMALL) {
} else {

} else {

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The changes in your code:
(not like this):
if (files[i].CheckAccess())

if (files[i].Download(downloader))


The extension for unzipped files could or.7z as you said but the true file extension is.MP4.
If you are trying to extract the true file extension (for example, to rename the file before extraction) you can use the following technique:
fileExtension = Path.GetExtension(Path.GetFileName(fileToExtract));

So I think you can remove the extension from the path and the fldir variable and use this code:
if (files[i].CheckAccess())
var nameOnly = Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fileToExtract);
fldir = Path.ChangeExtension(fldir, fileExtension);
files[i].Extract(Path.Combine(@”C:\”, fldir));


How do you use an xlsx (xls) sheet as a database in VBA?

I have an xlsx spreadsheet that I want to use as a database using VBA.
It contains multiple sheets and different types of data in columns and rows.
I want a user to be able to open that file from Excel and select a list of rows that they want, a filter on that list, and then update the rows in the database, deleting other rows or using a different column.
What is the best way to do this?
I thought of having each row represent a row in the database and having a unique ID that would go along with the data in the other columns to allow the search. But there are multiple sheets and many different kinds of data so I dont think this is the best way to do it.
Any suggestions?


Your idea of separating

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