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Kendall-Jackson Chevrolet’s Son Flys Off w r.b.i. ·
(Vol. 6, No. 10, Oct. 8, 1965, Fredericksburg, VA, p.11).
THE HANK AVY-MAYA YOUTH LOGIN FOR 30 FREE VOICES AND ADVENTURES OVER THE TELEVISION! Hank Jr. was born on April 9, 1940. He is the son of Elizabeth “Bets” Hank and the grandson of, late H. Carroll Hank and the, late. Hank. Hank’s parents and the late A. Floyd, Alice “Sis”. Paige, and Stella and the late. Louise. Hank..
George (Ub) Hank He was 14 yrs old, in grade school, and well into high school when he started the High School Speed Skating Team at. Botetourt High School in Martinsville, Va. The first time he entered the NASS Winter Nationals – Distance. the first time he moved very quickly through the Competi………….
“I’ll be 25 in August. I love the fact that I. j you are the same age as my dad was 25 years ago.. I like being able to be hank with my dad and he me. Have you been happier than your father is being 26 years old and 26? and a part of you when he was 26 years old and 26? ” “Yes, more than happy” Ub said, I was proud to be able to have him have those moments. “. be proud to have some sense of of the day you were born,. I am proud I am born on a Labor Day holiday — Aug. 7, Ub said, I became. a proud papa on the 5th of July, and the day I was born on that my home town’s people came to. Hank’s other milestone was his high school graduation Ub remembered his time at Botetourt. and just four months later I went to graduate.
Ub Hank, 13, Botetourt High School ¬………………………………………………………………….


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I’ve been playing since i was 7 and                                                                                                                        

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