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Any ideas how can I add the word “DriveClubPc” to the line like the following line:
$a = str_replace (
array (“\\
“, “\r”, “\t”),
array (” “, ” “, “\t”),

Thanks in advance.


After you get the string, add it to the array in a data base, if the string is not the one that you want to add
//$in is your string
$a = preg_replace (‘~.*?([^
]|$)~’, ‘$1’.$a.’$2′, $in);

Or write it to the database
$a = preg_replace (‘~.*?([^
]|$)~’, ‘$1’.$a.’$2′, $in);

//i dont think you need the brackets

$sql = “INSERT INTO driving_data(In) VALUES(‘$a’)”;
$result = mysql_query($sql);

Please note that this is a simplification of the code, it does not cover the cases of multiple strings with the same prefix, and the $a variable
And by add it to the database, I mean the word driveclub only the


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