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Research and Development in Energy and Environment

R&D in Energy and Environment encompasses a wide range of scientific and technological research activities. These include various sciences (chemical, physics, biology, engineering) and related application areas (natural resources, water, food, environment, medicine, communication, information technology).

The activities are subdivided into six main areas:

Non-thermal plasma reactors that are used to create electromagnetic fields with low temperatures and a highly reactive environment. This technique is applied to the hydrometallurgical treatment of wastewater in refineries and for the treatment of plants in water recycling.

Biochemical reactions involving the combination of light and photosynthetic organisms (PAM). PAM are a kind of light-driven photobiological system that can be used to convert carbon dioxide into organic matter under controlled solar irradiance.

Oxidation of organic compounds and in particular of chlorinated compounds. Results obtained from these studies can be used in environmental research but also for industrial purposes by applying the knowledge acquired in the applications of the


27 Apr 2020

The oldest cave paintings are in central Asia: the earliest known painted designs date from about 40,000 to 35,000 years ago.[46] Cave paintings in India date back 25,000 years and in South Africa back from 40,000 years ago.[46] The oldest painting in the Americas is on a Lascaux, France pebble in 14,000 years old.

Sri Lanka, as well as Mihintale, was also a regular destination for the Elgin expeditions, with 15 human skeletal remains found at Mihintale (which may be among those from Elgin’s ship).[citation needed]

In 1862, the Royal Geographical Society awarded the Government of the Colony of Ceylon a prize for the promotion of British trade in the Indian Ocean, which was handed over to William Farish, who founded the Ceylon Royal Portrait Society.

Horsfield and Farish were the first Europeans to make systematic efforts to compile an ethnographic description of Sri Lanka. They visited Thimbirigasyaya, which was named Thambirigala by the Sinhalese, in 1862.[24]

Farish was the first to recognize the importance of Muziris, whose ruins were, at that time, unknown in Europe. He visited the site in 1864, and sent copies of his sketches to the Royal Geographical Society. In 1865, Nathaniel Pearce, chief surveyor to the Sultan of Muscat and Oman, also visited the site, and sent a detailed report to the Royal Geographical Society.

Following the founding of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society in 1884, Farish was instrumental in securing the collection of ethnographical objects, which had been amassed over a period of eight years by Joseph Daniel Coomaraswamy (1824–1907), president of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.

The specimens collected by Farish and his associates are now housed in the British Museum.[24]

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Professional business and personal data organization that presents software solutions geared toward business professionals in the areas of finance, accounting, and human resources.

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Began as a science-oriented organization linked to The Royal Society and later became the national social research organization of Sri Lanka.


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