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Center for the Study of Shapedata

The Center for the Study of Shapedata (CSD) is a consortium of researchers whose mission is to encourage the development of theory and practice for the analysis and visualization of large data sets. We seek to provide methodological tools, funding opportunities, and audiences that will benefit from both academia and industry.

You are invited to join the CSD mailing list. Once a month you will receive announcements about our research, publications, society members, funding opportunities, and more. This list does not share your personal information and will not be used for any other purpose. You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.Q:

python script doesn’t work with.jar file

I’m trying to run a python script with a.jar file inside it. I used this one as tutorial. I did everything by steps, but when I try to run the code, it didn’t do anything. The code only works when I run it with file.
Does anyone know what’s the problem?


You need to run your jar file like so: java -jar app.jar
If you try to run it with python, it will use python code to run the jar.


How to fire event when value is changed in other form

I have two forms, the user fills in field in form 1. When submit button is clicked in form 1, user value is sent to database and form 2 is opened. Form 2 has a tableview. A cells contains a simple textfield, when user type something, textfield is changed. Now how do I fire that event in form 1 to inform the server that user typed something in form 2?
// Form 1

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Free Styles Psr S-910 Keyboard Free StylePsr S-910.mid Free. Free Download Style Keyboard Yamaha Psr S910 Pop Indonesiarar.In June, the Liberal government tabled legislation to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. It’s great news for Canadians, and for the State of Nevada, where cannabis has proven that the government is not needed to regulate the plant. The state’s entrepreneurs are saving millions in taxes as they capitalize on their legal status and the $370 million in federal and provincial tax revenue expected to come from the sale of cannabis.

The final bill, making it clear that it’s legal to possess and use cannabis, includes the provisions, both political and technical, that should have been included to ensure consumers in Canada enjoy the safety and security of legal cannabis in the same way they do for alcohol and tobacco. One thing is missing from the legislation: a tax on those who sell cannabis.

An excise tax on cannabis is a cost that the cannabis producer must absorb. It will be passed on to the final consumer, but for many entrepreneurs, cannabis is the first part of their business they can grow for profit, and without a tax burden on product, it’s easier to start a business.

Taxes are added on to any good or service once it is sold. While costs of production for cannabis are high, the cannabis industry benefits from the sales tax on the products sold.

Customers who participate in the sector are the ones who benefit from the added revenue. With the costs being passed to the final user, there is no loss from a tax.

Nevada is already enjoying the tax and revenue benefit of being the first state to legalize cannabis. But if the federal government doesn’t tax cannabis, other states may follow, and