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Budget conscious mobile gaming fans can now enjoy their mobile gaming experience without having to pay large sums of money for a big mobile gaming addiction. With the rising trend of mobile apps and games garnering huge popularity, in the last few years there has been an upsurge in revenue generation from the ‘freemium’ model of mobile gaming, where content is available for free, but app and game developers are compensated with premium content, in order to make more money from these free resources.

As the new model of game development changes, many developers are now looking for ways to leverage and monetize their existing apps and content in the mobile industry. This means that the entire mobile industry is currently heavily reliant on game content with over 300 billion apps available to users all over the world. This model of monetization is what has led to the rise of mobile gaming and the development of apps like Appy Games which are free to play games that encourage social interaction and integrate the latest and most played content of similar games.

Doing the math, with over 300 billion apps available for the worldwide market, game developers are able to monetize their games a lot more than just through premium content. All they need to do is add the social media backend to their games and offer content updates and content to users. Game play is incentivized via in-app purchases and apps are monetized via ads and the social game experience. The end result is a game that serves as a social hub for users to interact, explore, and learn more about the game and other apps that they play.

With all these changes to the mobile gaming experience, it means that the future of social gaming has become quite interesting, especially to the developers. They are now able to develop their own games that will perform in a much better way, especially in the

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