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59E7-071Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains (Harzgebirge in German) is a mountain range in central Germany. They are also known as the Harz Chain (Harzkette) because the mountain range forms a backbone and an extension of the Harz Mountains. The Harz Mountains are part of the larger cultural landscape of the Harz (Harzgebirge).

The Harz Mountains form the northern boundary of the central German federal state of Lower Saxony. While, according to the Ordinance of the Harz Mountains (Harzforstordnung) from 16 December 1949, they should border on the north with the German state of Thuringia, the Thuringian state line curves around the Harzgau, such that the Harzgau, like the Harz Mountains, form a cultural landscape.

The Harz Mountains run for a length of some, and include the Harz and Wiehengebirge mountain ranges, the Bode valley, the Zittau Mountains, the Tennen Mountains, the Taunus Mountains and the Aubach valley. The highest peak of the Harz Mountains is the Großer Hagen (). Highest peak of the Nordhalben (,, 2,608 m), however, is the Großer Berg (). The Harz summits include the Jungfrau (), the highest summit in the Harz (, 1,948 m), the Eiger (), the Brocken (, 1,729 m), the Westerwald (), the Großer Brombach (, ), as well as the hill Hackelberg (, ) and the ridge of the Wiehenkopf (, 2,057 m) that separates the Taunus and the Wiehengebirge mountains. The Harz are surrounded by the Harz Forests, a nature conservation area of international importance.

The Harz is part of the North German Scarplands and is very similar to the southern part of the Westerwald. Both mountain chains are characterised by light soils, steep slopes and steep ridges and are covered by temperate oak forests. Rainfall is lower than average for the Central German lowlands, although higher than in other areas in the lower Harz.

The geological history of the Harz Mountains is dominated by the tectonic conditions of the Palaeozoic periods,


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