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It’s all there — the flight times, the great flying controls, and the expertly colored details of Lockheed’s late-war fighter. Using the VR module from the N-1, every pilot could actually feel the difficult maneuvering of the bubble wing, the stabilizing effects of the retractable landing gear, and the weight and balance of the aircraft, even to the extent of making themselves nauseous. “This is a major advantage in VR,” says one pilot, “because at that point in the pilot’s development, all he or she needed was a stabilizing sense — an internal gyroscope.” With VR, that same pilot would be able to instantly fly down any unfamiliar runway and land safely, and wouldn’t need time to get over his or her usual feeling of flight sickness.

About 15 of the remaining 31 models have been built, of which 17 are still in storage. Of those, 13 models are still on display at the Amelia Earhart Birthplace. But many are also scattered around the world. Some of the models may still be flying, and many can still be seen in museums around the globe. But Amelia’s niece recently wrote a piece that reveals a new finding. The niece commissioned a web developer to build a website that could show all the models. This website would have enabled museum visitors to see all the models at once, potentially even linking to a virtual-reality flight simulator. It’s rare to find all the models of a plane together, and the niece says that museum officials hoped to reassemble the entire plane in one place, somewhere in the US, perhaps in Washington state.

In the meantime, a new website,, has been built to highlight the plane and its remaining remains. You can see all of the models, but the real power is that the site allows you to download them for your own flight simulation. “I’ve been a big advocate of reassembling Amelia’s plane and restoring it, but the reality is this isn’t going to happen,” says Donald Moore, a historian with the National Air and Space Museum. “People are going to have to realize that these are now at least 100 years old, and after a century of use and exposure, they’re not necessarily going to fly.” Moore says that the search for Amelia, and the search for the remaining models, is just one example of the increased interest in the military flight genre that began in the 1970s. With the US returning to the skies, with programs like the V-22 Osp–Zp3eusHvrKcWdxkiX7U6mTgEmxo8B

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