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This is in response to a letter to the vehicle sponsor posted by Chris Anderson.


Congratulations on the opening of your new factory in Atlantic City.
I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the suggestions posted
by Chris Anderson.

Your suggestion that the company pay a gas station $1.00 to fill up the
vehicle doesn’t sound like a positive way to stimulate the economy in New
Jersey. I could be wrong, but I get the impression that you are simply
bashing the company. That is not what we are about here in the Marine Corps.

Most of the suggestions are good. You made a good point when you
mentioned that you did not see the table in front of you. I have a couple
of comments and suggestions for you, Chris.

First, when you went to the ribbon cutting ceremony, I noticed that you
didn’t offer the Marine Corps anything to buy for all of the other people
that were there. We thought that would be a nice way to be patriotic, but
did you agree with us, Chris?

It seems that some of the people at the ceremony have seen the company
promotional video. Some of the people that were there also went back there
to see you again. They came back to the same place as before to see you,
Chris, a little more than they did before.

So now they see the table. They watch you again. They see your Marine
Corps pin. They see that you agree with them when they ask you a question
about the Marine Corps. So now, most of them will try to buy something
from you. There