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This subproject is one of many research subprojects utilizing the resources provided by a Center grant funded by NIH/NCRR. Primary support for the subproject and the subproject’s principal investigator may have been provided by other sources, including other NIH sources. The Total Cost listed for the subproject likely represents the estimated amount of Center infrastructure utilized by the subproject, not direct funding provided by the NCRR grant to the subproject or subproject staff. Mammalian centromeres are composed of the combination of pericentric DNA, Centromere Associated Regions (CARs), and non-coding pericentromeric retrotransposable elements called satellite DNA. The combination of these elements is not random, but rather is fixed at each chromosome. However, the mechanism by which this combination is fixed at the diploid level is unknown. The hypothesis we are testing is that the chromosome specific antigen centromeric sequences are comprised of a small region of sequence that is inherited from a common ancestor and recombination around this core sequence governs the position of the satellite DNA elements on the chromosome. Furthermore, in human centromeres this core region has been identified. However, in other mammals, there is not a well defined centromere specific region;it has been reported that the chromatin structure of centromeres in different mammalian species is unique. This suggests that, in other mammals, the genetic arrangement of the centromere is a variant of the human centromere, but the mechanism for achieving this variation is unknown. A mouse transgenic strategy was used to test this. This work is specifically investigating the satellite DNA arrays located in the CARs of the pericentric heterochromatin of chromosomes 1 and 18. First the sequences and organization of the four satellites in mice were confirmed and compared to the human genome. The genomic maps of the genomic regions containing the CARs were determined. Then transgenic mice were used to obtain a series of centrom