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Cars3Englishfullmoviemp4downloadThe publication of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) study in 2016 concluded that ‘more than ever, entrepreneurship is seen as a key driver of the global economy and job creation’. This seems to have been born out of some of the latest studies that focus on the effects of entrepreneurship on the quality of work performed. This begs the question, how can entrepreneurs and organizations be more effective in the workplace?

We’ve written many posts about that topic before, but one key point in our research is that the context in which entrepreneurs operate matters, and we’re seeing an important shift in the workplace. Many entrepreneurs have been brought up in a digital era of large employment structures and no shortage of technology. But digital technology alone will not solve many of the issues associated with organisations in the workplace.

Design thinking for workers

As we explore the future of work, we find an increasing focus on design thinking, which is focused on developing systems that respond to problems more than simply thinking of solutions. The idea of working in a system where there is a focus on the end user is one that is gaining traction.

Design thinking for workers

The idea of ‘user-centred design’ as a theoretical base for the design of the workplace is putting value on the end user for not just design of a physical product but of the interactions within systems. In practical terms, this is reflected in the shift away from deskilling and the use of automation.

In the workplace design, a focus on the end user is more likely

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