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How to update a attribute of a specific object?

I’m currently trying to create a simple rock paper scissors game. I have 2 classes Item, Paper, and Scissor.
class Item {
String itemName;

class Paper {
String itemName;

class Scissor {
String itemName;

I have a program with a number of items and a number of answers. Here is my class to model the answers.
class AnswWr{
AnswWr(AnswWrType answerType){
this.answerType = answerType;

AnswWrType answerType;

public static List possibleAnswers = new ArrayList();

public static void init(){
possibleAnswers.add(new AnswWr(AnswWrType.ROCK));
possibleAnswers.add(new AnswWr(AnswWrType.PAPER));
possibleAnswers.add(new AnswWr(AnswWrType.SCISSOR));



I am trying to find a method to update the answer type of a specific item. I have tried using put, get, map


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