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In the next step an arrow key is selected: Then the distance between two points, is determined with an graph window. A colour code is assigned to the distance. The colour is stored and then the part of the colour code is used for rendering.
This article explains the theory behind colour assignment to render lines and quadrangles in CG illustration. This topic is relevant for artists working in the following programs: Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.
From graphics with flat colour or flat gradients it is useful to transfer natural effects like shine and reflection. In these cases the pixel values are not used to colour the image, but to apply an effect to the image.
A nice example for this kind of effect is the glossy film treatment. It consists of a reflected object. This object cannot be realistically rendered with a flat colour gradient because the reflection of one object interferes with the reflection of a adjacent object. For this reason the common colouring method is no longer feasible.

This is where the subject of the next chapter comes in.


Definition: The colour of a subject, which is determined by its own material.
The colours are comprised of red, green and blue values.

The red value represents the intensity of red (the brightness), the green represents the intensity of green (the intensity of the colour and its green characteristic) and the blue represents the intensity of the blue component.

Pixel Packing

Definition: The way pixel data is stored.
The colours are arranged so that the most significant and least significant data is closest to the upper and lower margin of the frame respectively. They are in a horizontal sequence, which means from left to right or from top to bottom.

A line or an area is then drawn across the frame, the pixel data is assigned to the end points by their values.

For example, if there are two pixels in the frame and the blue pixel has the value of 255, and the green pixel has the value of 0, then the pixels are assigned the values 2.0 and -2.0. The top-left corner of the grid should be 0,0, the top-right corner of the grid should be 1,0 and the bottom-left corner of the grid should be 0,1.

For a line, the pixel data is assigned sequentially. In the example above the line will be (2.0,-2.0,0.0,2.0

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