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Gardening for Kids

Children have a natural affinity for all things green. And with the growing popularity of gardening among children – and parents – it seems only natural to incorporate that into their daily activities.


Kids (and adults) love nothing more than a project, and we can’t think of a more worthy project than creating a garden! Think outside the garden box and make your children’s world their own.

Schools and playgrounds can really make the most of this kind of gardening program by setting up flowerbeds and growing vegies (especially with your help!)

All the boys love to play in the sandbox, so why not make the most of this activity and turn it into a bit of vegetable growing?

This is a cute little idea for a birthday/halloween/christmas party and would be a great way for kids to learn about growing their own food.

Edible flowers

If you’re in search of an edible plant that your child can enjoy, the humble dandelion is a very capable edible garden. Also known as a weed for good reason, its value as food is just now being recognised.

Make a path through the dandelions using young dandelion stalks and leave the plants within a safe distance of the home and/or playground.

Many children love to create and have no qualms about using their creativity to create their garden.

Although we’re fans of growing our own herbs for the kitchen, many children have an interest in gardening so you could make learning about herbs that much more enjoyable with your child.

Make your own compost

Often children learn about the importance of composting


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